3 Ways to Get People to Say “Yes”

Earn a Yes by Engaging Your Prospect

Many people dread sales.  The biggest reason is because they’re scared that the prospect will say “no.”  It’s frustrating, it’s hard to spend the time just to be turned down, and it’s almost always avoidable.  Yes, there are ways that you can influence the conversation to steer your prospect toward making the decision that you want.  The key, however, is before the meeting begins.

3 ways to get people to say Yes

Assuming that you have properly vetted your prospect, meaning you know that they’re qualified and in need of your product or service, you now have the task of “convincing” them to buy from you.  In the end, you shouldn’t have to convince them of anything; if you do your job right, it’s the natural response.

Let’s explore the 3 best ways to earn that yes.


Establish the Need

establish the needWhen you’re entering into any negotiation, you have to know that there are only 2 reasons anyone would ever buy from you.  It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what the price is, people buy because:

You offer results that they can’t get on their own.


You offer the convenience of getting it done so they don’t have to.

When you establish the need that your prospect either can’t do what you do, or they don’t have time to do what you do, you are 90% of the way to making the sale.  While there are obviously other little factors, like if you’re offering a $10 product for $100 you’ll have a harder time convincing someone (that’s a whole other discussion on value though); but if you can establish the need that they aren’t going to be able to or willing to do what you are, then now all you have to do is sign them up.

But what if you can’t offer the results or convenience that they’re looking for?  If this is the situation, then you have two options.

You can let the sale go.  Nobody will pay for something they can and don’t mind doing on their own.  For example, you’ll never be able to sell me lawn care.  I can mow my lawn, and I enjoy mowing my lawn.  That is a sale that you’ll have to let go.


You can improve your product or service.  You have to set yourself apart and make yourself more desirable; in essence, create that need.  For example, I pay to have my lawn fertilized twice each year.  It’s something I can do on my own, I could buy a bag of fertilizer.  But it’s something I don’t want to do because the stuff I buy is a superior product and I don’t have to worry about anything.  That’s a way the company has set themselves apart.


Provide the Value

as a content writer in Billings I provide valueLook at the things that you spend your money on.  Why do you buy them?  Let’s take a couple the more common products and services that we pay for to see why we actually do so.

Dining out.  Most of us eat out at least once each month.  But cooking food is something that we all can do on our own, and we all have the time to do it.  We still pay for it, and the booming restaurant industry shows us that we spend a considerable amount on the experience.  Why?  It’s not just about the convenience or the experience.  We spend a lot of money eating out because the chefs cook better food than we can make, they cook different food than we can make, the restaurant sets up and cleans up so we don’t have to.  Any one of us can make our own food, but the restaurant provides value to our lives.

Cable and Internet.  A large number of Americans have cable coming into their homes.  They have around 800 million channels that they can watch at any time.  And when there’s nothing on those channels, they can hop online and stream just about any movie or show they could ever imagine.  We pay a lot for these services.  You may say, “Wait, I can’t create cable or internet on my own, I HAVE to pay for it!”  True, but that’s not what we’re paying for.  We can create our own entertainment.  We can read books, write our own books, converse with friends, watch sunrises and sunsets, or explore where we live.  Entertainment can be free; but the cable and internet companies provide value.

Most people can provide for their own needs.  Most can cover the basic requirements of life.  But when you provide value, that is when you create something that goes above what they are able to do on their own, you can shoe in that sale.  Establish the need and provide value and the sale has almost made itself; but you still get the no from time to time.


Always Be Closing

Always be closing so the sale is done when you ask for itThe movie Glengarry Glen Ross is considered by many sales people to be the epitome of learning sales.  While it’s entertaining and insightful, it is still fiction.  With the exception of one of the key scenes, “Always be closing.”  When I first heard this I took it mean everyone you talk to should be a sale.  You should try to pitch and close everyone.  Later I learned what it really meant.

Always be closing means that throughout the sales process, be closing.  Make sure that your prospect understands what’s going on, make sure they acknowledge the need, make sure they see the value.  Then when it comes time to ask for the sale, the traditional close at the end, they don’t have an excuse.  If you have closed throughout the process, asking for the sale is just a formality.

Suppose you get to the end, and the prospect says no, or balks at a decision, you can go back.  You can show how they agreed that there is a need.  You can show that they agreed you provide value.  And you can show that your service or product will enhance their lives.  If you have closed throughout the process, the sale at the end isn’t as dreadful as it could have been.


Establishing the Need Online

In a digital world, it’s become harder, and yet easier at the same time, to complete the sales cycle.  Using the power of the internet, you can vet your prospects, establish the need, and provide value before you even meet them.  If you’ve accurately and efficiently written the content on your website to do so, the close is just a formality that needs to be wrapped up.

Have you taken the time to establish the need and create a high value online?

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