How 406 Window Company saw a 500% Traffic Increase

Have you Met Aaron?

Aaron Reay 406 windows Billings, MT
The Brief: Aaron Reay, family man, artist, window and door provider.  Aaron is busy running 406 Windows.  He understands the importance of keeping the site and blog up to date, but found it difficult to sit and get it done.  Using Scott’s expertise, it just happens, and the company sees growth.

A typical weekend at the Reay house consists of backyard campfires, video game marathons, and perhaps the occasional firework set off in the alley.  When the season is right, Aaron and his wife Samantha find relaxation watching the kids compete in whatever the sport du jour happens to be.  At work, however, Aaron is much more driven to ensuring his clients’ needs are met.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a dilemma going on at 406 Windows.  Aaron could update his website (or rely on a staff member to do so), or he could take care of his customers the way he knew they deserved.  When it came down to it, the website was neglected.  While Aaron knew he was focusing on the right part of the business, there was frustration whenever he saw how long it had been since the last update.

Finally, one of his employees mentioned that Scott does blogging through his company Sery Content Development.

Getting someone to create content is easy.  But when Scott Sery came in, he positioned himself as more than just a writer.  The initial discussions revolved around business tactics, social media, search engine optimization, and how ensuring that the blog was updated on a regular basis is just the beginning of that.

As the blogs are created, uploaded, and optimized, Aaron doesn’t have to worry about a thing.  He understands the importance of updating the blog regularly, but when it fell on his shoulders it only happened every six weeks.  It was too much of a burden to take two hours out of the day to create the content.

Now, with Scott’s help, the blogs are updated regularly.  Because the search engines recognize the updates, 406 Windows has improved their ranking significantly.  Impressions for their most common keywords have increased threefold, and click-through traffic has gone up 500% in the last year alone.  More traffic meant that Aaron has the time to dedicate to customers, and new opportunities.

The increase in traffic resulted in more customers being helped quickly and effectively.  That caused 406 Windows to outgrow their britches; they’re currently building a warehouse and showroom on the West End so they can expand from their showroom that’s now too small for their operation.

It’s here that they can show off the latest trends like huge oversized folding, sliding, and entryway doors that open homes up to create a feeling of grandeur.

In the world of windows and doors, finding the right product, in the right style, in the right color, with the right features, is an art form.  It takes expertise to know what’s out there, how they function, and how they will work with the rest of the building.  At 406 Windows, it’s all about creating that experience with the customer, to transform their project into something absolutely amazing.

So when you walk into the 406 Windows showroom, you know that a window and door expert is going to take care of you.  You know that you will be listened to, and after you explain the goal, you will know all of the options, operations, colors, and performance.  You get a nice picture painted for you, are informed of the extra details, and whoever is helping you will give you extra care because that is exactly what the customer deserves.

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