Absolute Fence Improves Efficiency 50% with Scott’s Copywriting

More Time to Work on the Business Leads to Better Ideas

Danny Wyrwas Absolute Fence Billings
The Brief: Danny Wyrwas is a big picture guy.  That means getting caught up in the details bogs him down and sucks a bunch of his time away from investing in his team or creating better procedures.  With a million ideas bouncing around in his head, he found it difficult to get anyone to write what he truly was thinking.  Scott helped change that, and Danny was free to get into the field and propose major changes that led to a huge productivity improvement.

With over 20 years in the labor industry, Danny knows what it takes to build a fence with his company Absolute Fence.  From start to finish, he understands pretty much everything there is about fencing and how they need to be put into the ground.

With a strong background in leadership, he has built a crew that not only loves what they do, but they’re largely independent.  They know what needs to be done, and Danny has done a great job creating a hierarchy of leadership responsibilities, which allow him to be the big picture guy in most areas.

Being the big picture guy allowed him to branch out into other areas that were outside the fencing and labor industry.  He started Elevate Leadership & Business Consulting as a way to put more energy into where his heart truly was: investing in people.

This led to a new conundrum.  With so many new thoughts bouncing around, he got bogged down in the details.  Being bogged down in the details led to missing the big picture.  Missing the big picture led to getting stuck in a rut that was working, but not being improved upon.  It was time to outsource what he thought was un-outsourceable.

Scott came in and listened to the thoughts that came spewing out of Danny’s mouth.  Jotting notes, asking questions, and overall just figuring out the pattern he quietly listened while Danny gave all of the details.  Then it was time to put everything together into something that could fit on a tri-fold brochure for Elevate and get the point across quickly and effectively.

There were a couple of minor revisions to clarify some points, but when Danny sat down with the first draft he looked it over and said, “Huh, nice job, these are my words.”  He pointed out that Scott understands what’s going on, is able to translate it into words, and speak with people.

When Danny was able to get his words on paper without getting bogged down in the details, that freed him up to focus on what he does best: seeing the big picture and solving problems the way nobody else is solving problems. He could now turn his attention to things going on in his fence building business.

In the construction industry there is only one way to grow and make more money: build faster.  While some contractors will sacrifice quality in order to get a job done faster, that wasn’t an option for Danny and Absolute Fence.  Instead, there had to be a better way.  A way that was only discovered when Danny was able to get into the field and work alongside his crew that was out there every day.

Unloading fencing supplies means using a large jib that pulls the posts and boards from the truck, and drops them onto the ground.  The crew would then gather the materials as needed and transport them across the property to where they are installed.  Danny, in the field, saw that a huge portion of the crew’s time was spent hauling lumber.

Absolute Fence Billings

What if there was a faster method?                                                 

Over the winter, when you can’t really build fences in Montana, he designed and built carts to haul supplies.  Now instead of a couple of boards at a time, one person could transport a huge batch of supplies across uneven terrain in a fraction of the time.

After monitoring a few jobs with these new carts, Danny discovered that efficiency had improved 50%.  This improvement that was only made possible because he got out of the details, into the field, and was able to step back and see the big picture.  This improvement that came about because an area of inefficiency (writing his own copy) was passed on to a specialist.

Are You Bogged Down in the Details?

Anyone can write great copy.  The difference between doing it yourself and hiring a copywriter is that you have the time to put into what you love.  In Danny’s case that’s investing in people, and improving efficiency so that everyone can take more pride in their work.

What would it mean to you?

How would you, or your business, flourish if you didn’t have to get bogged down in the details of writing copy?

Let’s chat about what you’re struggling with, and see how Scott Sery can help you go from bogged down, to fine tuned.  Send me an email (click the word email), or schedule a call through Calendly (here or hit the button below), and we’ll get a plan together.

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