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The Brief: Derek and Lucy Aspinwall own a clothing store in Downtown Billings.  When the business got busy, they knew that trying to write professional content for their site wasn’t going to happen.  Despite great ideas, the blog was neglected until Scott was able to transform it and convert clients.

Running a retail store is tough.  Not only do you have your basic overhead that comes with running a business, but you also have a lot of money tied up in inventory that has to be sold on what are often slim margins.  When it comes to meeting the business needs, or updating the website, it’s easy to slough off the writing and focus on what you’re good at.

But data shows that a blog that’s updated regularly builds trust, increases traffic, and ultimately will pay for itself through increased online sales.

Using a handful of marketing companies, Aspinwall Mountain Wear saw some results.  But often these firms weren’t local, didn’t understand the Montana market, or didn’t fully connect with the Aspinwall vision to create clothing for those who love the outdoors.  When Derek had the time, he did some of the blogging, but it didn’t have that professional touch that they were looking for.

Frustrated with trying to find someone that really clicked with the values of the business, it was chalked up as update the blog if or when there is ever time.

It was around this time that Scott was writing about local families in the Rimrock Neighbors magazine publication.  The Aspinwall family was referred to be featured on the cover and they jumped at the opportunity for the publicity it would bring.  After reading their story, they knew that they should hire Scott to take away the frustration that comes from not getting the site updated regularly.  But they also knew that Scott, a Montanan through and through, would hold to their values.

Every week, Scott would create a blog based on the Montana way of life, new products in the store, or the latest news around Aspinwall Mountain Wear.  As Derek worked, he would follow along and Derek would just “vomit out all the words.”  Then, they were deciphered and crafted into mostly evergreen content that could be used over and over again on the site and in the Aspinwall newsletter.

When reviewing the stats, it was clear how the blogs were performing.  A couple of days after the blog went live, Lucy would cross post it into their newsletter that featured the latest information and the latest products.  Those newsletter drops coincided with distinct spikes in traffic and sales for the business: Every. Single. Time.

Aspinwall clothing company

Because most of the content is evergreen, meaning that it can be used year after year without fear of becoming outdated, it’s still dropped into the latest newsletters when applicable.  Posts about hiking the Montana Mountains ramp up in the spring, and those that refer to ice skating and snow shoeing are still pushed out in the winter.

Year after year, that one time investment earns them spikes in traffic and sales.

That creates the freedom from the stress of worrying about their written content, and it frees them up to pursue better manufacturers, new designs, and taking over the Get Lost (in Montana) logo.

Derek fully admits that he’s a lousy writer.  Lucy admits she has no interest in even attempting it.  Because Scott is a Montanan through and through, one who enjoys the mountains and the Montana way of life, and because he not only wears Aspinwall gear, but supports them during their outreach events, Aspinwall Mountain Wear doesn’t even think twice about going elsewhere for their content.

“Scott is local and present.  [He’s] a small business owner and has the same small business owner perspective that Aspinwall has… he just gets it.” – Lucy Aspinwall

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