SEO Quick Tip – How to Get Found on Google

 Rank Better by Using Questions When you are looking for information online, how do you search?  Most of the time… more

SEO Quick Tip – Target Keywords Sooner

 Begin Targeting Two Months Ahead It takes time to rank on Google.  Naturally you can’t build a website and expect… more

SEO Quick Tip – Use Better Alt Tags in Your Images

 Using a Key Phrase Instead of a Keyword Those who have a website likely know that they need to tag… more

SEO Quick Tip – Data Backed Content

 Hard Data Creates Content to be Shared One of the goals of writing content is to ensure that it gets… more

SEO Quick Tip – Updating Content Regularly

 Rank Better with Fresh Content When is the last time you updated any content on your website?  If it has… more

SEO Quick Tip – How to Write Better Headlines because Yours Suck

 Headlines, or Titles, are Important: Spend more Time on Them Newspapers have long been strapped for space.  Every character counts,… more

SEO Quick Tip – Using Tags to Reinforce Your Topic

 Your Content Should Support Itself When you write content, you should be writing for the reader.  But that doesn’t mean… more

SEO Quick Tip – Target High Traffic Keywords

 Write About What People Are Searching Have you ever spent time writing something for your page, only to find that… more

SEO Quick Tip – Write For the Reader

 Create Better Content for People How often have you sat down ready to put some great content on your website,… more

SEO Quicktip – Link Internally

 Use Internal Links to Rank Better Throughout 2018 our goal here at Sery Content Development is to provide you with… more

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