Wednesday Roundup: SEO Fruit, Marketing, & Content

 Providing outstanding written content for your website is how you will be found on Google. If you did nothing more… more

Using Twitter Cards on Each Post

 Twitter Cards are a great way to increase awareness of your posts. They don’t take long to set up, and… more

Curated Content vs. Original Content

 Whenever you supply content to your site, you want to make sure that it is unique. Those particular sets of… more

Billings Weekend Events

 Another weekend is just around the corner. And this one should be great! Halloween falls on a Saturday this year…. more

Wednesday Roundup: Breaking Social Media Rules

 Social media is a great resource that we have at our fingertips. Nearly everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+,… more

3 SEO Content Tips Everyone Should Know

 Content is the lifeblood of your website. It is where Google and the other search engines will grab onto what… more

Learn Something New Everyday

 Whether you are an entrepreneur, an innovator, a business man or woman, or an employee, we all should be on… more

Weekend Events in Billings, Montana

 Here at Sery Content Development, our philosophy is to work hard, and to play hard. So when the weekend rolls… more

Wednesday Roundup: Reviews, Tricks, and Marketing

 Whether you are in the business of fixing iPhones, collecting debt, or selling local healthy foods, Sery Content Development wants… more

Running an SEO Campaign

 Getting your website ranked well on Google can be a challenge. When you first get started, you will be excited… more

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