Wednesday Roundup: Google Snack Pack

 Dominate the Snack Pack I recently posted about targeting your keywords so that you rank better in local results. What… more

What Is Growth Hacking?

 An Intro to Growth Hacking A growth hacker has one goal in mind: to make a business grow by using… more

Wednesday Roundup: Content Curation

 Every Wednesday I like to roundup the top articles that we have read over the past week. Usually I will… more

Local SEO: What you Should Know

 As the rise in use of Internet-connected mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, watches, etc.) continues, it has become more important than… more

Wednesday Roundup: Write Better Content

  How you can Write Better Content for your Site Here at Sery Content Development, we are always improving our… more

How to Increase Your Web Traffic 1,000%

 A Social (Media) Experiment We all want more people to come to our site and read our blogs. That is… more

What is a Facebook Pixel

 As one of the social media giants, Facebook is now considered an indispensable channel for promoting one’s business. Going deeper,… more

Is A High Bounce Rate Bad?

 When you check your analytics, one of the most prominent items is your bounce rate. It shows what percentage of… more

Wednesday Roundup: Finding New Content Ideas

 There will come a time in every writer’s life when they are out of ideas. It happens to the best… more

Using Visuals on Blog Posts

 Unless you are reading educational or scientific journals, you likely see images on every webpage that you visit. Have you… more

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