Wednesday Roundup: Optimize Your Site

 Search Engine Optimization can be a daunting task. Unless you are out there every day writing content, posting it, and… more

Site Speed Optimization on WordPress

 Site speed is crucial to keep people on your page. A page that loads in 5 seconds doesn’t sound like… more

Using Google Analytics

 We recently came across an article that talked about the past 10 years of Google Analytics. It talked about how… more

52 Quotes for Entrepreneurs

 As an entrepreneur, you know the struggles. There are times when you feel like giving up, but you know that… more

Things to Do in Billings

 We’re always looking for something to do in Billings. Not because there is so little going on, but because there… more

Wednesday Roundup: Title, Body, Close

 Here at Sery Content Development, we write. We write a lot. After all, content is what is going to get… more

Buying Backlinks is Hurting your SEO

 Backlinks are an important part of your SEO strategy. Without them your site looks like a single blip on the… more

Events this Weekend in Billings

 There are plenty of things going on around Billings this weekend. Here is our roundup of things that look like… more

Wednesday Roundup: SEO Fruit, Marketing, & Content

 Providing outstanding written content for your website is how you will be found on Google. If you did nothing more… more

Using Twitter Cards on Each Post

 Twitter Cards are a great way to increase awareness of your posts. They don’t take long to set up, and… more

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