How Often Should I Update my Blog?

   Whenever we talk with business owners, one of the questions we get quite often is, “How often should I… more

Long Tail Keywords: When to Use Them

 We know that content is king, and that we are supposed to be targeting specific keywords when we write it…. more

Backlinks, Resources, Landing Pages, and Marketing Tips

 Here at Sery Content Development, we understand that we don’t just write content and manage social media pages. We are… more

Taking the Time to Do Keyword Research

 Keyword Research: Know what to Write About Getting your site ranked better on Google is a lot more in depth… more

Content is King

 Providing content to your website is the only way that you will move up the ranks in the Google search… more

Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 There is a lot that goes into search engine optimization (SEO). Because Google has had years to develop their algorithms,… more

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