SEO Quick Tip – Use Better Alt Tags in Your Images

 Using a Key Phrase Instead of a Keyword Those who have a website likely know that they need to tag… more

SEO Quick Tip – Data Backed Content

 Hard Data Creates Content to be Shared One of the goals of writing content is to ensure that it gets… more

SEO Quick Tip – Updating Content Regularly

 Rank Better with Fresh Content When is the last time you updated any content on your website?  If it has… more

SEO Quick Tip – How to Write Better Headlines because Yours Suck

 Headlines, or Titles, are Important: Spend more Time on Them Newspapers have long been strapped for space.  Every character counts,… more

SEO Quick Tip – Using Tags to Reinforce Your Topic

 Your Content Should Support Itself When you write content, you should be writing for the reader.  But that doesn’t mean… more

SEO Quick Tip – Target High Traffic Keywords

 Write About What People Are Searching Have you ever spent time writing something for your page, only to find that… more

SEO Quick Tip – Write For the Reader

 Create Better Content for People How often have you sat down ready to put some great content on your website,… more

SEO Quicktip – Link Internally

 Use Internal Links to Rank Better Throughout 2018 our goal here at Sery Content Development is to provide you with… more

Growth Through Mentorship

 Finding the Right Mentor We all need mentors.  They are those that have gone before us, and they can help… more

Creating Content that Intrigues: The Testimonial

 Let Other People Sell for You In the final installment of creating the best content to sell your product or… more

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