SEO Quick Tip – Optimize Your Social Media Pages

 Social Media and SEO can Work Together Often when we think of our online presence, we divide things into neat… more

SEO Quick Tip – Comment on Relevant Sites

 Leaving a Comment Helps in Different Ways In the world of SEO, there are two big ways that you can… more

SEO Quick Tip – Earn Links Where Your Competitors Do

 “Steal” Your Competitors’ Backlinks How many backlinks does your site have?  If you’re like most, you have no idea.  And… more

SEO Quick Tip – Write Better Video Descriptions

 Fully Utilize YouTube for Maximum Reach The internet is trending toward visuals.  Facebook prioritizes video and images over text or… more

SEO Quick Tip – Optimize Your Picture Sizes

 Big Pictures Slow Your Site As humans, we love visuals.  That’s why Facebook shows pictures more than text.  That’s why… more

SEO Quick Tip – Expand Your Google Plus Influence

 More Plus 1’s means Better Rankings We all have our social media preferences.  Some like the ease of Facebook, others… more

Make Your Life Easier with these Google Drive Hacks

 Collaborate Faster and More Efficiently Google Drive is an awesome free service that makes collaborating on projects much easier.  But… more

SEO Quick Tip – Understanding LSI

 Latent Semantic Indexing Means Fluid Writing We have previously talked about how you should write with a natural voice, and… more

SEO Quick Tip – Earn Online Links Offline

 Your Offline Business Transfers Online One of the hardest parts about running a business is having the offline work jive… more

SEO Quick Tip – Ensure You’re Listed on Local Directories

 Local Directories Help You Get Found When optimizing your website, directories play a big role in helping your business get… more

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