SEO Quick Tip – Write For the Reader

 Create Better Content for People How often have you sat down ready to put some great content on your website,… more

SEO Quicktip – Link Internally

 Use Internal Links to Rank Better Throughout 2018 our goal here at Sery Content Development is to provide you with… more

Growth Through Mentorship

 Finding the Right Mentor We all need mentors.  They are those that have gone before us, and they can help… more

Creating Content that Intrigues: The Testimonial

 Let Other People Sell for You In the final installment of creating the best content to sell your product or… more

Creating Content that Intrigues: Address the Elephant

 What Nobody Wants to Talk About We have gone through a few of the ways to create content that is… more

Creating Content that Intrigues: My Ah-Ha Moment

 Help it Click with Them For the last couple of weeks we have looked at writing content that draws your… more

Creating Content that Intrigues: If You Don’t

 How will Life be if the Customer doesn’t Sign Up For the next few weeks we are talking about ways… more

Creating Content that Intrigues: In a Perfect World

 Help the Customer Understand the Benefits When you’re doing content marketing, you have a variety of ways to drive home… more

How to Keep Readers on Your Site

 Capturing Attention Goes Beyond Intriguing Headlines When you’re writing content, you have to have two goals in mind.  First, you… more

How to Write Content with an SEO Focus

 Content Writing and SEO can be Combined Search engine optimization is often viewed with a sort of abstract eye.  Nobody… more

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