Creating Content that Intrigues: Address the Elephant

What Nobody Wants to Talk About

We have gone through a few of the ways to create content that is going to get people to want to read, and will help them convert to paying clients at the end.  We described the perfect world, looked at what happens if you don’t, and talked about the ah-ha moment.  Today we want to talk about what nobody else will talk about, the almost taboo topic.

Creating content that intrigues - Address the elephant

There are some things in life that everyone notices, but nobody wants to talk about it.  These are those aspects of life that are easier ignored than they are addressed.  They are those things that we just chalk up to life, and then we make excuses and skirt around them.  Instead of addressing them head on, we hope they go away on their own eventually.  When you’re writing content that intrigues, addressing the elephant is one of the hardest ones to discover because sometimes it is very well hidden.

Here’s how you can dig it out, and really capture your audience’s attention.


What is the Elephant in the Room?

content writing in Billings, MTWe all know the saying the elephant in the room.  It’s that big issue that nobody talks about because it’s easier to ignore the elephant than to try to get the elephant out.  For instance, that family member that constantly makes bad choices.  He shows up to a family gathering with a black eye.  Everyone knows that it was because of a stupid decision, the consequences are right there to see, but everyone pretends it didn’t happen so that things can go on smoothly without big fights.

The elephant in a business setting is a little different.  These elephants aren’t the one-time instances of a stupid decision, but rather social norms that people fall into and can’t seem to get out of them.  These are the parts of our lives that when you talk about them, people say, “Yes! I’m glad someone finally said it!”  Being bold can win a lot of people your way.

Here’s an example.  My friend Suzie DeBar runs a fitness studio.  She’s a personal trainer that works with individuals and small groups in a more intimate setting.  Her goal is to get them back on course, teach them how to keep themselves healthy, and then set them free back into the real world.

You don’t look good.  If you’re here reading about a fitness studio, that’s at least what is going through your mind.  You feel fat, you feel bloated, you feel weak.  While others may skirt around the issue and tell you that you’re beautiful, you’re handsome, and you’re just the way God made you, the truth is that is far from the truth.

Healthy fitness lifestyle in BillingsThe problem, however, is that you don’t know where to start.  You know that exercise will get you back into shape, it will help you feel better, and it will restore your youthful good looks.  But without the proper guidance, you feel (and likely are) a bit on the pudgy side.  Here’s the deal: you will always be fat and uncomfortable until you make a lifestyle change.  And that change won’t be easy… at first.

When you come into DeBar Fitness and Wellness we won’t be quite so blunt about it.  We have already addressed the fact that you’re not here because you have your fitness goals under control.  You’re here because you need some guidance on how to get there.  With individualized training and coaching, we can get you from fat to fab, but it’s going to take effort on your part.

During your first visit, we will sit down and develop your goals.  We will set realistic expectations for your workout plan, and we will determine exactly what needs to be done to get your there.  We will work on exercise, weight training, and we will go a bit further than what many other gyms do: we help people with nutrition training as well.  A diet without exercise isn’t as effective as it should be, and exercise without a diet won’t yield the proper results.

Healthy food with a healthy workout plan leads to a toned body, more energy, a better looking you, and a better feeling you.  Call us to find what fits your schedule.

It’s in your face, but it’s all true.  People want to look better and feel better, but they don’t have a clue where to start.  When Suzie tells them exactly how it is, people end up saying, “I want that.”  Did you notice the key points?

  • The elephant was addressed (people are already thinking this anyway)
  • The problem was identified
  • The solution was presented
  • The fear was removed

By the end the only excuse the person has is that they have become comfortable in their unhealthy lifestyle, and they never actually wanted to change anyway.

content that intrigues convert more

Sery Content Development Writes Content

Depending on where you’re posting or publishing determines what type of content you create.  For instance, you don’t really want to fill your blog with these posts that are designed to convert readers; that area is more for sharing information.  Here at Sery Content Development we have spent hundreds of hours learning about writing styles, how to create the content, and what tips will draw the reader in.

If you’re ready to distribute content that intrigues, call 406-860-4407 to learn how we can help you.

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