Creating Content that Intrigues: My Ah-Ha Moment

Help it Click with Them

For the last couple of weeks we have looked at writing content that draws your readers in, resonates with them, and helps them convert by the time they get to the end.  We looked at the perfect world, where we show just how great life will be with your product.  Then we looked at what happens if you don’t, and how not-great life is without your product.  Today, we will look at the moment when this clicked for you.

My Ahha moment

The Ah-Ha moment is different for everyone.  And when it comes down to it, this type of content is easier to write when you’re writing to convince readers to sign up to learn a program.  For instance, you’re a realtor and trying to sell a course on how people can become realtors, or you do direct sales, and you’re trying to get people to sign up under you.  But with careful planning, you can use this type of content to draw people in to buy your product or service.

Here’s what you need to know about the Ah-Ha style of content that intrigues.


What is an Ah-Ha Moment?

questions on how to write better contentThese moments happen to us all the time.  They’re those moments when, ah-ha! it suddenly makes sense!  Of course, they’re not always single moments.  In fact, they’re often slow realizations that, hey this actually works!

When your reader browses through what you have written, giving countless tales on the perfect world, and countless doomsday-esque allegories, they can often see right through you.  Especially when you get outrageous (buy my product and your wildest dreams will come true!).  What they want is real life; they want to know when did this make sense to you; when did it click?

Here’s an example.  Suppose you have a business that provides written content for websites, journals, magazines, and the like.  You want to emphasize that content is imperative when it comes to moving a site up the search engine ranks.

You have probably heard that “Content is King.”  It’s a buzzword, or phrase, among the SEO and content writing communities.  Web designers like to throw it around, and when you’re being pitched you hear it a lot.  But what’s that actually mean?  King of what?  How does content being king do anything for me?

As a content writer, I had heard the phrase often.  I even found myself repeating it.  I knew that content was important, but just how important was it?  Of course you can’t get found on Google without words on your website, and of course more words means that Google has more content to pull from.  We know that a bunch of mumbo jumbo with keywords stuffed in is going to detract, so how do you create content that is king?

I decided to test it out on a couple of websites.  On my personal website I would write blogs relating to writing, search engine optimization, growing your business, and similar topics.  Three times each week I would update, and at the end of those blogs I would include a snippet about myself.  Something along the lines of: I’m a writer in Billings, Montana, if you want content that your clients love reading, get in touch!

On the other website, for a local accountant, I did the same thing.  I would write about money, accounting, finances, savings, and retirement.  Three times each week I updated the blog, and at the end I would include keywords, such as: as an accountant in Billings, Montana, our goal is to make sure your finances are in order.  Call today to set up an appointment to review your taxes!

My personal site didn’t have as much competition, and I went from page 7 on Google, to the top spot of page 1 in just 6 weeks.  The accountant website took a little longer due to heavier competition; that site rose to the top spot in about 12 weeks (from not even being listed on Google).

Finally, I had my ah-ha moment.  Content is king because content is what raises you up the ranks!

If you’re stuck in the nether-regions of Google, get in touch, I can help you move up the ranks.

Now you’re not just describing the perfect world (although you kind of are) and you’re not just telling them if they don’t (although reading between the lines you really are), instead you’re saying, “This is why this is real to me; this is why you should believe what I say.”

  • The content shows the dilemma
  • It shows the writer’s questions
  • It shows how the everything was overcome
  • It says you can experience that too

Take your story, and turn it into how the reader can also experience the success that you’ve experienced, then you have them on the hook.

Sery Content Development Writes Content

writer in Billings

Here at Sery Content Development, our main focus is writing content that intrigues.  From the perfect world, to the if you don’t, to the ah-ha, to addressing the elephant and testimonials; we take those words and craft them in a way that your readers want to learn more from you.

Ready for better content?  Call 406-860-4407.

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