Creating Content that Intrigues: If You Don’t

How will Life be if the Customer doesn’t Sign Up

For the next few weeks we are talking about ways you can drive home your point by intriguing the customer.  As a content marketer, you have to use the narrative to capture their interest, so that you can ultimately convert them from a reader into a paying client.  Last week we talked about the perfect world, today we will talk about the opposite.

What happens if you don't

On the one hand you have the perfect world, on the other you have what happens if they don’t buy from you.  Almost always you can combine these two into one pitch.  In the perfect world scenario you briefly go through if you don’t, and then spend the bulk of the time if you do.  With this method, you spend the bulk of your time on the negative, and briefly touch on the positive.

Here’s how it looks when you employ “If You Don’t.”


What Happens if You Don’t Sign Up?

You’ve drawn the client or customer in.  They have either Googled you, subscribed to your email, or they have found you through one of your amazing social media posts.  They are in front of you, and you have to make sure that they have a compelling reason to buy from you.

One of the best ways to compel someone to do anything is to describe what’s going to happen if they don’t.  We use it on our kids all the time, “Clean your room, or you don’t go out.” “Eat your dinner, or you don’t get anything else until breakfast.” “Don’t back talk, or you get a spanking.” And so on, and so forth.  It’s a powerful tool, and is used in everyday life, “Follow the traffic rules, or you get a ticket and fined.”

The hard part is to apply it to your business in a way that isn’t threatening, overbearing, and makes the client want to use your service or buy your product.  Let’s take go through a short example on how this works in the world of health insurance.

We all know that health insurance is important.  In fact, since the passing of the ACA it’s mandatory.  We know that if we’re hurt, injured, or fall ill we can go to the doctor and we receive the treatment that we need to get better.  The insurance picks up most of the tab, and we’re not left with a ton of medical debt.

But it’s cheaper to go without insurance; at least in the short term.  Insurance rates go up rapidly, and many people have to pay hundreds of dollars every month for a plan that has a huge deductible.  Instead of paying this money, many people have opted to take the risk of not having insurance.  The result can be catastrophic.

Suppose you don’t want to buy insurance; you feel that the $2,000 in penalties is cheaper than carrying insurance that will cost you many times that amount.  You’re young, you’re healthy, and you’ll be fine… right?

What if you trip and break your leg?  The average cost to fix a broken leg is $2,500, and that’s if there are no further complications.  What if your appendix bursts and you need an emergency appendectomy?  The average cost of that procedure is $33,000.  What if you’re diagnosed with cancer?  The drugs alone will cost you about $10,000 per month.

At those rates, how long will it take you to go bankrupt?  Did you know that medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US (accounting for around 40% of all bankruptcies)?

Suppose you do have insurance, and it’s one of the many high deductible plans out there.  Most of these plans have an out-of-pocket cost of $7,500 (or more) per year.  You might be able to cover those expenses from your savings, but you’re still on the hook for the first $7,500.  Wouldn’t you rather use that money to send your kids to private school, take a dream vacation, buy a boat, or upgrade your theater room?

There’s a better way.  US Health Advisors offers a no-deductible plan.  And with certain riders, you can even be reimbursed for the time that you miss work due to your injury or illness.

content marketing in Billings

From that point you can go into your no obligation closing.  Full disclosure: I have US Health Advisors insurance with Thad Lensing (his page is hyperlinked above).  If you’re in Montana and want to save on your insurance, he’s the guy to talk to.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling health insurance, doodads, widgets, or whatzits.  The concept is the same.  In 360 words we described a better way, but focused on what happens if you don’t.  We went through and:

  • Appealed to their intelligence
  • Described where most people are
  • Talked about the significant impact if they don’t
  • Offered a better alternative

It’s that simple, and it works.


Sery Content Development Writes Content

writer in Billings, MTHere at Sery Content Development, we specialize in writing content that intrigues.  Using the “If You Don’t…” method and others we can grab the attention of the reader, draw them in, and ultimately help you convert more clients.

Ready to move from not having clients to having clients?  Call Scott at 406-860-4407 to learn more.

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