Creating Content that Intrigues: The Testimonial

Let Other People Sell for You

In the final installment of creating the best content to sell your product or service, we will take a look at what is perhaps the easiest method.  We have gone through the perfect world, explored what happens if you don’t, talked about the ah-ha moment, and addressed the elephant in the room.  Now we look at testimonials.


The best part about using previous client testimonials is that they literally write themselves.  Using their words, you create the best social proof for your product imaginable, and all you have to do is host the words.  But there’s a little more to it than just copying their review and using it to encourage other people to sign up.  In fact, reviews can be skewed and while they’re still effective, it’s important to have a few other tricks up your sleeve to create content that intrigues.


The Online Review

Writing service Billings, MTAn online review, or testimonial, is a great starting point.  But one disgruntled ex-employee can skew the entire thing.  Besides that, you’re relying on people to look up your product and read the reviews.  That’s too much work for most people; they want it all fed to them.  There are ways to do that though.

There are three big places where reviews will have an impact: Facebook, Yelp, and Google.  You can grab screenshots of the reviews on each of these, and embed them into your sales copy (for instance, that’s what I’ve done on my copy about Facebook training).  It’s effective, and it brings the review to the reader instead of making the reader go to the review.

There’s another way, it takes more leg work, but it’s more effective.


How to Use Testimonials to Sway Readers

Your product and service makes life better.  It prevents problems, clears up issues, and is a great fit for your target market.   They just need to know how it will really work for them.  Now is the time to interview previous clients and tell their story.  A real life example of what you offer to the world.  Here’s how that looks.

Big Sky HomesFacebook Marketing in Billings sells modular homes.  But they were struggling for a way to meet their buyers where they were.  The traditional methods of making sure they had a good sign, phone book ads, and relying on word of mouth or search engine optimization wasn’t working.  That is when Sery Content Development discussed the idea of improving their Facebook presence.

We helped them to optimize their page.  Made sure the page was complete, eye catching photos were being used, and the page was updated once each day to ensure that visitors knew they were still in business and active.  But the biggest piece comes each Friday.

With our help, Big Sky Homes is able to show off one of the new modular or mobile homes on their lot.  Using Facebook live video, they spend a few minutes walking through the home discussing the perks.  They show off the functionality, the benefits of modular homes, and talk about how the buyer can save money if they act quickly (setting up a home on the lot takes quite a few resources, by committing to buy before it has been set up, everyone saves money).

Over the course of a year Big Sky Homes saw growth.  In fact, they attribute over $800,000 in sales to the work the Sery Content Development did for their Facebook page.

Our ideas work, and when you work with us, your business grows.

Showing how others have benefited from your product will help your prospects see exactly what they will benefit too.  It takes the guesswork out of it, and it helps other people tell your story.  If you want to take it one step further, you can turn it into a video where you sit down with the client and they can tell you on film.  You notice the key points:

  • It’s their words, not yours, making it more powerful
  • It shows the benefits of using your product
  • There is no guess work, it actually happened
  • It creates social proof for the product

Now the only excuse that the reader has for not signing up is that they don’t believe you.  And if someone has that hard of a time trusting you and your clients, they’re probably not someone that you want to work with anyway.

Website development in Billings

Sery Content Development Writes Content

Here at Sery Content Development, we no longer manage Facebook pages, but we will teach you how to manage your own page!  We have a full and detailed training course, and then if you need help building ads or creating live videos along the way, we do that too.

Of course you may have the Facebook side of things down.  If that’s the case, we can create the content.  We will interview your clients, write the testimonial, and drive home your message so that your readers know the power of what you offer.  We’re located in Billings, but we can write for you no matter where you are.

Call 406-860-4407 to learn more about what we offer.

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