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You’re Posting the Wrong Content

The sub-headline may be a little off.  Your content is likely phenomenal.  You have brilliant things to say, and you lay it all out clearly.  The problem is that it’s not eye catching, and people aren’t drawn to it.  In essence, there’s a certain pop at the beginning that isn’t resonating with your readers and followers.  It all started with the headline.

Writing tips: get more shares with a better headline

As we scroll through our newsfeeds, we are inundated with information.  We see the pictures of new babies, the funny cat videos, the ads for products we happened to click on once on Amazon never really intending to buy it and now it’s showing up on our Facebook feed.  We see news articles, we see political rants and raves, and we see the occasional album with 483 pictures of your friend from high school that you never really knew in the first place posted about their recent trip to Tahiti titled, “OMG My Life is Better than Yours!”  There are a lot of words to read.

You need to cut through that clutter with an eye catching image; but more importantly, with an intriguing title.  The headline is the difference between keep scrolling and click to read.


Creating the Best Headlines

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a headline that draws the reader in, and a headline that is crappy clickbait.  Here’s the difference; one article, two alternative headlines:

“Prevent Cancer with this One New Superfood!”


“A Healthy Diet Wards off Cancer: What you Should and Should not Eat”

While the first may draw more clicks (people want to know what that one superfood is, not necessarily the actual information), most people are becoming averse to clickbait and passing it by even if the content may be interesting.  The other, however, sounds more legit, and will draw in more readers that are looking for actual information instead of being fed a bogus opinion.

But how do you craft the perfect headline that will draw people in, but not appear to be spammy?  First, it’ takes a lot of practice.  In fact, some suggest that you write your title 20 different times in order to find the right one.  The correct headline can actually influence the way your reader thinks.

In order to get 20 different headlines, you need to know what to incorporate.  Fortunately Marina Barayeva did the heavy lifting for us.  She created an infographic that walks you through what you need to know about writing powerful headlines.  You can see it by following that link, or keep scrolling down.


Sery Content Development Writes

Here at Sery Content Development, we pride ourselves on writing words that resonate.  That begins with the headline, and continues on through the body of the article.  Well crafted content will help with your social shares, and it will also help with your search engine optimization.  If you need content, help with your SEO, or want training on how to effectively manage your Facebook page; get in touch by sending Scott an email.

How to write the best headlines

Infographic from Hubspot

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