Facebook Business Page Training

Confused about Running Your Facebook Business Page?

Facebook is a great tool.  We can keep in touch with friends, we can get the latest news, and we can promote our businesses reaching thousands of targeted prospects.  But that is only if we sit down and take the time to learn how.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to create a personal page and upload the latest cat video.  It’s a bit harder to create a fully optimized business page that shows you’re an expert in your industry.  Pile on the back-end system with a huge variety of ads, and it’s enough to make even the most dedicated person give up.

Facebook training for small businesses

That’s why we have created two training courses that will help with your Facebook marketing.  Whether you’re just getting started, or have a good grasp, our training can take your business to the next level.  Our training is easy to follow, and anyone can learn it.

A 3 Hour Full Training Session

Facebook training Billings MontanaYou’re good at your job.  Any question that anyone has about your industry, you know the answer.  But you’re busy staying the best at what you do, so you haven’t had a chance to sit down and learn a new skill set.

That’s where we come in.  We have designed a 3 hour training session that will walk you through every aspect of your Facebook page.

  • From building the page.
  • To optimizing your information.
  • To knowing when, where, why, and how to post content.
  • To understanding the back-end, and the ads builder.

After your training, you will be able to blow past your competition and market yourself perfectly on Facebook.

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A 1 Hour Ads Training Session

Facebook ads training Billings, MTSo you don’t need the full blown session.  You’ve got a handle on your page, you have all your company’s information input accurately, but you’re a bit confused about building Facebook ads.  We get it, there’s a lot to it!

In our ads training session you’ll be able to perfectly target only those customers that you want to attract.  You will learn to build ads that direct your customers to like, follow, call, and buy now!

  • From building an audience.
  • To crafting an ad.
  • To promoting your page.
  • To monitoring results.

After our training session, your brand will be poised to be in front of thousands, and potentially millions, more prospects.

Call Scott at 406-860-4407 to book your session.

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