A backlink is a link outside of your website that points back to your site. It shows the search engines that you’re an authority on the subject and other sites are referencing your work. Not all backlinks are created equal, and never buy them in bulk.
Black Hat SEO
Black hat techniques are aggressive search engine optimization techniques that focus only on the SEO. They don’t follow SEO guidelines which state you should write for the human audience first. Recent algorithm changes have started to punish sites using these techniques.
Keywords are what your page is all about. Each post or page will have a different keyword that it is targeting. Search engine optimization (SEO) is helping to target those particular words.
Long-Tail Keywords
Sometimes called long tail keywords, these are keyword phrases that focus on three or four words instead of just one. This targets a more specific search, and ultimately leads to more clicks. For instance instead of targeting “Bikes” the long tail equivalent would target “Carbon fiber bike frame”.
Meta Description
A meta description is a short snippet that shows up on the search engine results. It is a brief description of the page used to entice the searcher to click your link.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Updating your website with the right written content, tagged pictures, appropriate headings, and internal tags so that the search engines know exactly what your keywords are and you can come up higher on the results page.
Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)
When you query a specific internet search, where does your page come up in the results? When you are ranked better in the SERPs it means your page ranks higher on Google (and other engines).
White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO is using search engine optimization strategies that focus on the human audience first, knowing the SEO will be the result. Sery Content Development follows white hat principles and follows search engine guidelines.