Make Your Life Easier with these Google Drive Hacks

Collaborate Faster and More Efficiently

Google Drive is an awesome free service that makes collaborating on projects much easier.  But unless you are on it often, it can seem a little backward, a little cumbersome, and seem like it is slowing you down.

Recently, Jessica P. teamed up with Quill to create an infographic that helps you navigate this online software.  Here is what she has to say, and here is the infographic to help you become more efficient in Google Drive:

Technology Should Make Life Easier

When it comes to making life easier, technology surely has a place at the top of the list. There are all sorts of tools—both hardware and software—that have forever changed our lives and made us faster, smarter, and more efficient.

But still, that doesn’t mean that your learning and adapting of tech and its associated tools should be static. In fact, there are ways you can continue to adapt your work routine and your expectations of what you can do for work (and maybe at home). And some helpful hacks can lead the way.

Start with Google Docs: It’s a cloud-based system that makes working on documents for a larger group that much easier. But there are even more ways that you can make Google Docs even more efficient. What are those hacks and which can you use—starting today? This graphic helps explain a few of them and get you going.

Google drive hacks to make your life much easierGoogle drive hacks to make your life much easierInfographic by Quill

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