How Cell Phone Repair Got So Busy they had to Hire More Employees

The Power of High Quality Blogs Drove Business through the Roof

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The Brief: Kyle Stricklin is a bottomless pit of energy.  Running multiple businesses by day, spending time with his family also by day, and working late into the night to solve issues that have popped up in those businesses.  He’s smart enough to know he only needs to learn the basics, and then hire a professional writer to make it all happen.

As soon as he was done with college, Kyle leapt into the business world.  If you ask him about it, his only regret is not leaping in sooner.

With a driven personality, he thrives on working hard.  That dedication to getting things done is what he credits for propelling him forward as he opened his tech repair company iDoctor (they have since rebranded to Cell Phone Repair or CPR). 

Rapidly growing that business meant early mornings discovering problems, and late nights solving them in order to energize, encourage, and motivate him to push even harder.

Being driven, with an incredible work ethic, means a business can go from nothing to amazing in a short period of time.  But it also means that day to day operations can start to bog down the visionary.  If that happens for too long, stagnation occurs.

Kyle had the foresight to notice this at the beginning.  As an entrepreneur, he loved to dive in and take on projects by himself and make things happen.  As the business grew, he knew it was time to hand off control of certain aspects so he could focus on the things that only the founder could handle.

Some basic research into keywords, SEO, and the importance of blogs, and he had the foundation knowledge he needed so he could get a writer in that would take the site up a notch.

 “My previous writer was me.  And the writing sucked.  You boosted my time to focus on other things.” – Kyle Stricklin

After meeting Scott at a Biz to Biz networking group, Kyle loved his dry wit and sarcastic sense of humor.  But more importantly, he saw that Scott knew what it took to write engaging content that the search engines would love.

Working together, Scott and Kyle determined the best keywords that would help not only promote his business, but establish him as an expert in the community for everything tech repair.  Kyle then handed over the reins and turned his attention to other pressing business needs.

The first few blogs were checked for accuracy.  After that it was just popping in every now and then to ensure keywords were being used and the density was right.  But more importantly was the fact that the blogs were doing their job; they were helping create that online presence that encouraged better Google rankings.

Business picked up quickly.  And Kyle saw the influx of customers coming into the store due to better rankings.  In his business repeat customers are incredibly important, so he had to ensure they were receiving top-notch customer service.  That meant hiring more staff to handle the day to day, as he handled overall business decisions.  Those decisions included opening another store in Billings, and one in Bozeman.

Kyle knows that the value of the work Scott provided has a trickle-down effect that lasts for years.  Getting those solid search engine rankings early on in the business were absolutely essential so that he could get business over and over again, and see their profits continue to increase.

When reflecting on the work provided, Kyle reminisced, “You helped me rank on Google.  More customers came in.  We provided goods and service to those customers… we got more business.  We hired people.  We opened more stores.  In fact, I’m kind of pissed I have so much work to do now!”

Let’s Get Busy Making Your Business Get Busy

I’m not saying a blog is the only way to grow your business.  But you’re missing out on growing your business if you don’t have a blog on your site.

Want to make more money?

Want to be known as the expert in your industry?

Want to rank better on Google?

Want to take writing off your plate so you can focus on what you do better?

We should chat about how to hit your business goals.  Schedule a time before my blogging calendar is too filled up.

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