How Sunny Day Cleaning Improved Net Revenue 25%

From No Idea, to More Work Than Imaginable

Jessica Gilbert has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  A hard worker, dedicated to serving others, and a tenacious “go-get-‘em” attitude meant that whatever she took on, she would make sure it was successful.

Going from a sales position for a local hotel, to starting her own cleaning company, Sunny Day Cleaning Services, Jessica quickly discovered that while she was great at her work, it was harder than she thought to show off to potential clients that she was great at what she did.  Networking and referrals helped get things off the ground, but it was time to take it to the next level.

Sunny Day Cleaning Case Study

There was a problem though.  She didn’t know what the next level looked like, how to get it started, or where to focus her efforts.  She struggled with “bragging” about herself, and the idea of creating her own advertising made her feel “weird and squirmy.”

Didn’t know what she didn’t know

Jessica met Scott from Sery Content Development through the networking group Biz to Biz.  During her tenure at the hotel, she gathered leads to help in convention center sales.  After transitioning from employee to business owner, she joined Biz to Biz again to help grow her new cleaning company.

Through those meetings, she heard time and again how important it was to have a strong online presence.  How social media can get you in front of your target market.  How SEO moves you up the search engine ranks to show you to more people.  And how content marketing and copywriting create the words to help draw prospects in and convert them into clients.

With all that knowledge she was still at a point where she knew what was needed, but not how to do it.

Learning how to get in front of customers

Jessica got to a point with her business where she was at a tipping point.  She was putting in the effort to ensure success, but she was at a plateau where she wouldn’t grow any more without some outside help.  Knowing what needed to be done, she used that go-get-‘em attitude to learn how to do it.

She signed up for a class on how to build ads on Facebook.  After an hour and a half of training, she realized that things weren’t as simple as they seemed; putting the time necessary into building a social and online presence meant she wouldn’t have time to put into bringing in business revenue.

An Investment in SEO and Social Management

For a bootstrap startup, there are a few roadblocks that tend to prevent growth.  The biggest one: cash flow.  Paying for marketing costs is expensive, and she already learned that not paying for it costs a whole lot of time.

She took the plunge and decided to hire Sery Content Development to help improve her online presence both with search engine optimization and social media management.  She spent a few late nights in from of the computer building her website to help reduce some of those out-of-pocket costs.

When the site was up and running she was hit with another one of those “you don’t know what you don’t know” moments.  Getting everything registered with Google was the fastest way to ensure that you will rank.  Google doesn’t just find the site and put it where it needs to be; instead you have to tell Google you exist and encourage proper ranking.

Increased Followers, More Reviews, and Employees

For the next six months it was largely hands-off for Jessica.  She continued to handle the existing clients while Sery Content Development got everything set up on the website, Google My Business, and the Sunny Day Cleaning Facebook page.  It didn’t take long before change was evident.  It started slowly, but grew rapidly.

With a robust Facebook page, one that hosted a couple of give-aways, the followers started coming in.  With the help of paid advertisements that showed off Jessica’s attention to detail and the superb job that she did cleaning residential houses, it didn’t take long for quote requests to start.  Soon, it was more than she could handle, so Jessica turned to her sister and asked if she would like to work alongside her.

As the website had content added and the SEO was tweaked, she started ranking higher on the search engines.  Soon she went from no presence, to a Google listing with 14 reviews; more than nearly all other cleaning companies in Billings.  Those reviews encouraged people to click and learn more.  Those clicks lead to filling out the forms, or calling, to get quote requests on office cleaning and residential cleaning.  When requests outpaced what Jessica and her sister could do, she hired more staff.

After just a few months, Sunny Day Cleaning had gone from relatively unknown, to a strong and robust online presence.  Requests for cleaning quotes were coming in almost daily while Jessica and her crew scrambled to keep up.  There was almost a permanent ad posted for immediate help needed (unfortunately vetting employees is a little harder than it seemed).  The crew soon grew to a team of 8.

Things were in full swing.  Requests were coming in.  Jessica actually needed a break from all this growth and started referring the leads out to other trusted green cleaners in Billings.

Revenue up 25% with a Strong Foundation

Jessica didn’t know what needed to be done to take her business from a one-woman cleaning crew, to a full-fledged cleaning company.    All that she knew is that she needed more clients coming in.

She handed the reigns over to Sery Content Development and said, “Here you go!”  And let Scott do his thing.  Within a few months she had created 7 jobs, had a solid foundation that continues to bring in leads with minimal action required, and saw her after expenses income increase by 25%.

“If you want it done on time, and done right, call Sery Content Development.  He took my business from a relatively unknown web presence, to a strong and dominating one.” – Jessica Gilbert, Owner, Sunny Day Cleaning Services

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