SEO Quick Tip – How to Write Better Headlines because Yours Suck

Headlines, or Titles, are Important: Spend more Time on Them

Newspapers have long been strapped for space.  Every character counts, so they have to create attention grabbing headlines using the fewest characters possible.  Over the years, writers and editors have become experts on creating grabbing headlines in just a few words.  Now that we have the internet, where space isn’t such a premium (traffic now trumps length), we can create better headlines that use more space.

how to write better headlines

But most people are skipping the headlines.  Or they are just rushing through them.  What grabs your attention better: “Headlines are Important, Here’s How to Write Them” or “How to Write Better Headlines because Yours Suck”?  Now here’s the dilemma.  My original headline was, “Your Headlines Suck; Here’s Why”.  I scrapped it for SEO purposes because literally nobody is going to search that phrase.  The finalized headline (using latent semantic indexing) gets 1 – 10 million searches each month (see screenshot below).

Spending a few more minutes on your headlines can help you write much better headlines.

keyword planning copywriter in Billings

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Content is More than SEO Headlines

Creating great headlines has to appeal to both the reader, draw them in, keep them engaged, and help you get found online.  If you’re running a business, you don’t have time for that.  You need to focus on what is bringing you money.  Leave content creation to the experts.  Hire a copywriter from Billings, Montana to do the work for you so you can focus on what you do best.

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