Most Controversial Practices That Do Not Affect Your Google Rankings

Today’s content comes to us as a guest post from Wendy Dessler where she dives into some of the myths surrounding how you rank on Google, and importantly, what’s not actually hurting your rank.

SEO is a Dance; These Aspects Won’t Hurt

Achieving high rankings with Google is the bread and butter of modern business. It’s the focal point of many digital marketing agencies and can give small businesses and blogs a fighting edge against large corporations.

There’s often a lot of hype about things you can do to improve your Google rankings and more than a few myths and controversies regarding activities that will send you into the abyss. However, most of the things you do ultimately have no impact at all. Here are some of the most controversial practices that don’t affect your Google rankings.

How to rank well on google

Using SEO Tools

A lot of businesses use SEO tools to identify keywords and ensure that there are enough included in comparison to the competition. This post from Linkio takes you step by step through the process of seo tool utilization for this purpose, in case you’ve never used them. Somehow, this spun into a rumor about the use of these tools being some form of cheating and that users will be penalized. This could not be further from the truth.

While using SEO tools can impact your rankings with Google, either by optimizing your content or downgrading you based on keyword littering, the use of the tool itself does not impact your rankings. Those who experienced a downward trend after using these tools likely didn’t know how to use them properly and made it apparent that they were focusing on keywords rather than creating quality, authoritative content. You will be penalized if your ratio of keywords to content is too high.

Using a Cheap Host

There’s a lot of chatter about the importance of using an expensive web hosting service and how using a cheap provider can limit your ability to rank with Google. This, however, is not the case. In fact, the provider you use has no bearing on your SEO at all.

This myth stems from the fact that site speed and loading time does have an overall impact on your Google rankings. So, if you use a hosting service that is known for having a lot of downtime or slow loading, it’s possible that you’ll see a decrease in your Google rankings. However, using a $20 per month service versus a $200 a month service that offer the same quality will make no difference whatsoever.

Using G Suite and Google Web Tools

There have been rumors recently that using G Suite gives businesses a competitive edge because Google detects that they’re loyal users. Conversely, another rumor indicates that by not using G Suite, Google will downrank your page. The same conflicting ideas apply to using Google Search Console and Analytics.

Again, these rumors are subjective and have other factors influencing the end result. G Suite users might have better page rankings because they’ve streamlined their back-end processes and become more efficient as an organization, allowing for more focus on growth. Organizations that use analytics might have become so focused on that data, that their approach changed and their audience didn’t like it. Google itself has nothing to do with it.

Google is fairly transparent in identifying what makes a site worthy of a high ranking. It’s important for site owners and digital marketers to apply critical thinking when these claims are made and focus on producing high-quality content.

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