Offer Solutions to Hidden Problems

Close on Prospects by Solving Problems

Targeted marketing works wonders.  This marketing is when you have already analyzed what your prospect has, determined their need, and uncovered issues hidden to them.

In essence, they know something isn’t right, but can’t pinpoint the cause.  You pinpoint it for them, and offer a solution that will make their life better.

Here’s how you can do that no matter what business you’re in.

Understand Your Business and Your Product

Before you can get started helping clients and solving their problems, you have to know exactly what it is you do, why you do it, and how it benefits everyone.  This first step is where a majority of people get it wrong.

Let’s take a look.

An insurance saleswoman describes her job as, “I sell home and auto insurance.”  She may even launch into a description of why those policies are necessary and how many people are underinsured.  Yawn. Boring.  Nobody cares.

In reality, the insurance saleswoman offers, “Protection to keep you and your loved ones out of the poor house in the event of tragedy. Bonus; you have to have insurance anyway, so let’s save you money at the same time.”

It’s not the features, functions, and what that you need to be well versed on (at least not for marketing purposes).  It’s the “why the hell does your prospect care?”

It’s knowing that good copy takes a long time to write.  Time that is better spent somewhere else that would more thoroughly enhance your life.

Analyze Your Current and Past Clients

When you’re perfectly clear on what you offer and why the prospect should even care, then it’s time to figure out what their problems are.  Most of the time, they don’t even know it.  To figure this out, you have to look back at previous clients.

Over time, you will see a trend in what your previous clients wanted when they enlisted your help.

For example, when a business hires Sery Content Development to provide copywriting for them, there are two overall reasons for purchasing.

First – good copy takes a long time to write.  Time that a business owner doesn’t want to spend; they want to work on their business.

Second – good copy helps improve search engine ranks.  Everyone wants to rank higher; most don’t know how that happens.

Look at your happy clients.  Discover the true intentions behind why they bought from you.

Weave Your Solution into Conversation

Now that you understand what you offer, and why people would buy from you, it’s time to weave your solution into conversations with your prospect.

Suppose you offer green cleaning services, like Sunny Day Cleaning does.  Your what is that you clean houses better than anyone else using Healthy Living products.  But the reason people hire you is because they don’t want harsh chemicals in their home, but they don’t have the time (or knowledge) to clean themselves.

So you’re out networking, and you weave that into your conversation.  You pick up on cues, and talk about how one client takes their kids to the park for family time when you come clean.  You mention how cleaning with bleach, while effective, can end up causing problems with your health.  In essence, you point out these problems that the prospect didn’t even realize that they had, but you do it in a subtle way that isn’t salesy.

Live the Life You Want with Sery Content Development

When it comes to copywriting, it’s no different.  Most business owners and professionals don’t have the time to learn the trade, and even when they’re great writers it still sucks hours out of their day.

Instead, turning to a professional writer, they get more time in their day, fully optimized content, and all without having to worry about it.  This lets them live the life they want to live because they’re not focused on the things that suck their time.

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