SEO Quick Tip – Data Backed Content

Hard Data Creates Content to be Shared

One of the goals of writing content is to ensure that it gets read.  With social media it’s easier than ever to get what you have written in front of millions, even billions, of people.  To do so you have to create content that people want to read, and that people find interesting enough to share.

Data backed content gets more shares

There are many ways to create content that is going to be shared.  You can spark a connection (see the popularity of the Only in Your State posts on Facebook), you can pander to emotions (see any post about a controversial subject), or you can use hard data to back up what otherwise might just be your opinion.  Some methods of creating content that gets shared can ultimately drive readers away; in the long run clickbait doesn’t work.  Creating content that is backed up with hard data lends you credibility, and shows that you truly are an expert in your field.

Data Driven Articles are Shared More

Of course, that’s not just an opinion.  The idea that data driven articles are shared more comes from looking at the hard data on articles that are data driven.

For example, Neil Patel, one of the biggest names out there on getting found online, talks about how much people love data claiming that, “Blog posts that contained stats and data received 149% more social shares and 283% more backlinks.

And an article posted on Moz a couple of years ago walks us through the steps on how to make a post go viral.  They explain that the data model works, and to get more links you have to research, collect, analyze, and produce something.

The goal is to take the numbers, crunch them, and create useful content for people so they don’t have to do the work themselves of crunching the numbers.

As you look at the shares in your various newsfeeds today, consider how many are data driven; some are harder to spot but they majority will be.

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