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Your Offline Business Transfers Online

One of the hardest parts about running a business is having the offline work jive with the online work.  Too often small businesses will have an entirely different persona online as they do off.  And too often business owners see these two aspects as totally separate entities.

SEO Tip Offline works with Online

In reality, your offline work should promote your online presence, and vice versa.  Customized signs to find you on Facebook, Yelp, G+, etc. should be in your storefront or office.  And you should drive people to your online presence by giving away information offline.  Hosting a workshop that shows what you’re all about, and teaches people what to look for, is the perfect way to do this.

Hosting an Offline Workshop

Hosting a workshop takes some planning.  But when it is done right, it can cause some enormous traffic to your site, your social media, and help improve your visibility overall.

The workshop should focus on the questions that your customers or clients have.  The goal here is to educate, get them in a hands-on situation, and have them leave feeling like they have gained tremendous value.  Generally speaking, you won’t want to make a pitch, or try to sell anything, as a focus of the workshop.

If you think you will be struggling for attendance, contact your ideal customer or client and offer a personal invitation.  It’s harder to say “no” when they’ve been reached out to directly.

Real Life Examples

Does this all sound a bit odd?  It’s not.  Many businesses take advantage of this every single day.

  • Realtors host first-time home buyer classes in conjunction with mortgage lenders.
  • Home Depot has their kids and their Do-it-Herself program.
  • Colleges have programs that run all year round.
  • Financial advisors explain the nuances between IRA’s, insurances, and more.
  • Breweries have beer fests.

The list could go on.  Discover what your customers’ and clients’ most pressing questions are, and then find a creative way to get them answered!

Sery Content Development Helps you get Found

When it comes to that online presence, it has to be just as strong as your offline presence!  The image you want to portray needs to be consistent on your website, your social media, and in the real world.  Here at Sery Content Development, we make that happen.  Working closely with you, we write with your voice.  We portray your image.  And we make sure that people can find you online.  Get in touch today to learn more.

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