SEO Quick Tip – Ensure You’re Listed on Local Directories

Local Directories Help You Get Found

When optimizing your website, directories play a big role in helping your business get found online.  Directories allow you to input all of your details, including address and phone number, not just your website.  When your information matches on many different sites, you rank better in the local snack pack.

Local Directories listings are important for SEO

Most companies know to list their sites with the big name directories like Google, Bing, Angie’s List, and others.  But what often gets passed up is listing with smaller local directories.  Because they’re not as well known as the big named directories, they slip by.  Using them, however, will help you reach a more relevant market and get found by the clients that you actually want to get in front of.

Why Being Listed on Local Directories Matters

Listing your business on local directories carries weight for two important reasons.

A smaller local directory is more likely to be viewed by people in your area.  Whereas with a huge international directory is very unlikely that someone will go on searching for your particular business.  SEO and online presence notwithstanding, the local directory can lead to people finding you because they’re specifically searching that directory for your business.

In addition, the search engines have highly sophisticated algorithms.  These algorithms can see that you are a local company, and the directory is a local directory.  The result is that you rank higher for local SEO because your presence is consistent across the board.  So if you’re searching for “Copywriter in Billings, MT” and Google sees Sery Content Development listed on a local directory as a Copywriter in Billings, MT, ultimately Sery Content Development will rank better because of the consistency.

Sery Content Development Improves Your Online Presence

If you need help, whether it’s a simple consultation, copywriting, or SEO work, we can help!  Get in touch with us, we can schedule a time to take a look and see how we can work together to make sure that you get found online.

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