SEO Quick Tip – Expand Your Google Plus Influence

More Plus 1’s means Better Rankings

We all have our social media preferences.  Some like the ease of Facebook, others prefer the cleanliness of Instagram.  Some love the way Twitter is short and sweet, while others like the visual layout of Pinterest.  But it seems that few people like Google Plus.  The social media that is tied to the most powerful search engine on the internet is often completely unused.

And that’s a mistake.

Google Plus Plus One for SEO Ranking

While Google executives will never admit it, there is some SEO juice to be had using Google Plus.  If you were to do a study, and monitor how well your posts do, you will see that using Google Plus, and earning +1’s on your posts, leads to an increased ranking (at least for those posts over on Google Plus).

How Google Plus Works with Your Rankings

Here’s the caveat: what works today may not work tomorrow.  That’s how Google is, they’re constantly changing things around to find out just what people actually want to see.

Anytime you create content on your website, you should be sharing it across your social media platforms.  You want people to visit your site, and you want people to share it, and link to it, and to keep the ball rolling.  Sharing to Google Plus is one way to get some more exposure.

But then when people see your post, and they like it, they can “+1” the post.  This is like a little referral that says “This is a good one, pay attention to it.”  When your posts earn enough “+1’s” Google will track that and see that you’re posting good content.  For your category, the post may end up in a sort of newsletter-esque publication that shows other users popular posts.  The link from there carries a lot of SEO juice.

Will it work every time?  Likely not.  But more exposure, and more publicity, will always mean that you are more likely to have clients come to visit you.  And there aren’t many businesses out there that would prefer to have fewer people come through the door.

Sery Content Development Helps You Get FOUND Online

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