SEO Quick Tip – How to Bring More Traffic to Your Site

Always Write with a Natural Voice

When you’re doing your keyword research, you probably see keyword strings like “Copywriter Billings, MT” (naturally insert your area of expertise instead of copywriter).  The problem, however, is that people may search for those keywords, but how do you use that in a sentence?  It doesn’t sound natural, and no matter what you do, it will look like you stuffed those keywords into your text.

write content with a natural voice

The solution is to write with a natural voice.  Instead incorporate a variety of similar keyword strings, such as, “As a copywriter in Billings, MT, I have gone through specific training…”  Google’s algorithms are able to read your text and understand how it will resonate with readers.  When you stuff in your keywords too many times, it doesn’t sound very good, and Google may end up penalizing you for trying to game the system.

Provide Value to Your Readers First; Value to the Search Engines Second

The goal of everything that you write should be for the benefit of your readers.  Ranking better on Google is a side benefit of that content that you’re writing.  Doing adequate research and understanding what people are looking for can help you customize your content to understand what people want to read about; it’s not to customize your content with a bunch of stuffed keywords.

Sery Content Development Writes for You

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