SEO Quick Tip – How to Earn Better Backlinks

Not All Backlinks are Created Equal

One of the big aspects of search engine optimization is having links that point back to your website.  We describe these links as referrals: more referrals for your website means the site is seen as more valuable and more respected, thus it moves up the ranks on Google.  The problem is that not all links are created equal.

Earn Better Backlinks

We know that there are spammy backlinks and good backlinks.  Links from directory sites won’t count as much as links from high quality and highly regarded sites.  But what many people don’t know is that links that come from .EDU and .GOV sites are worth a whole lot more than from your .COMs or other easily attained sites.

Why are .EDU and .GOV Backlinks Better?

The simple answer: these sites aren’t available to the public.  Anyone can make a .COM site, but you have to actually be in education or in government to make the other types.  Therefore, they are automatically seen as more reputable than their publicly available counterparts.  The other reason is that it’s a lot harder to get a link on those sites.

The good news is that those backlinks aren’t impossible to earn.

How to earn .EDU and .GOV Backlinks

The trick is to think outside the internet.  Today’s world the online and offline worlds work together to create a presence that goes where the people are.  In order to earn better backlinks, you have to look offline.

People need training.  They need training in all sorts of disciplines, and you are an expert in at least one of them.  Find out who you have to talk to at the local college or university in order to put on a seminar that will help train students or faculty.  Offer your services for free in exchange for a blurb on their website that includes a link to your website.  But make sure that the link is permanent; they’re not going to take it down after the seminar is over.  If you really want to protect yourself, have an attorney draw up a contract.

Will it work?  Probably not every time.  But just like pitching a guest blog, you have to keep at it until you get to show off your skills and earn better backlinks.

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