SEO Quick Tip – Target High Traffic Keywords

Write About What People Are Searching

Have you ever spent time writing something for your page, only to find that it generates very little traffic?  It’s interesting, well written, and search engine optimized… so why don’t you get clicks?  There’s a good chance that it’s because your target audience isn’t actually that interested in the topic.  Before you spend the time researching, writing, editing, and posting, spend a few minutes determining what people are actually searching for in your area.

This is easily done using Google’s AdWords program.  Follow that link for a walk through on how to access the keyword planner from Google.

The goal with using this program is to get ideas on which keywords you should be targeting when you write.  Looking for those with the highest traffic, but the lowest competition will land you in the sweet spot.  You can take each of those keywords that meet your criteria, and develop a list of two, three, or four variations.  With those keywords in mind you now have your topics for the next several posts on your site.

Local SEO company in Billings

Hire a Local SEO Company in Billings

If keyword planning isn’t something that you want to deal with, that’s not a problem!  Here at Sery Content Development, we understand how to get this done, and we can do it for you.  You can focus on what you do best: running your business; we focus on what we do best: helping you get found online.

Ready to get started?  Call Scott at 406-860-4407 to learn more about our local SEO services.

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