SEO Quick Tip – Target Keywords Sooner

Begin Targeting Two Months Ahead

It takes time to rank on Google.  Naturally you can’t build a website and expect to hit the front page a few days later.  Even well established sites with a proven track record take time to have their content move up the ranks.  Depending on the competition, that time period can end up being several years.

Get Found Online

If you’re a local business that’s trying to rank for a time specific event, it’s best to start targeting your keywords at least a couple of months in advance.  For instance, suppose you have a pub and you’re throwing a rocking St. Paddy’s Day party, you will want to use your chosen keywords months in advance so that when people are actually looking they can find you.  You may even want to start 6 months prior on September 17th when you talk about halfway to St. Paddy’s.


Consistency Is Key to Ranking Well

When you’re trying to get found online, you have to continually plug away.  I have personally moved quite a few websites from the nether regions of Google all the way to the first page (some the top spot) by consistently plugging the same keyword string into every piece of content on the site (obviously not using the exact paragraph every time).  For instance, getting found for a search “SEO Company in Billings, MT” would require an update multiple times per week, using that keyword string in various locations throughout the text.


Sery Content Development Writes Copy and Does SEO Work

Here at Sery Content Development our goal is to help businesses get found online.  Through high quality written copy, link building, and SEO work, we can take your website to the top!  Interested in learning more?  Give us a call at 406-860-4407 to learn how we help you improve your online presence.

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