SEO Quick Tip – Target Local Keywords for Better Results

Experience Less Competition with Local Keywords

Trying to optimize your website can be a pain.  This is especially true if you’re in a category that has a lot of competition, such as personal finance, copywriting, or dank memes.  Even after years of operating the site, you realize that you will likely never make it to that coveted number one spot.  The good news is that if you run a local business, using local keywords is likely to get you much further ahead than trying to compete nationally.

Target local keywords and experience SEO successKeyword research is still important.  You need to know what people are actually searching for.  But as the picture indicates, you simply need to put the area that you’re targeting in the keyword string.  So if you’re in the auto insurance business, and you live in Billings, Montana, target what local people are actually searching.  Most will search something along the lines of, “Car insurance in Billings, MT” or “Billings car insurance agents”.  When you can capture the exact query, you can capture more leads.

Write Naturally, Write Often

The problem that many people run into is that they try to optimize a single page, and then hope that traffic will start pouring in.  With millions of pages of content being added to the internet every single day, that’s not going to happen.  To truly rank well, you have to write superb content, optimize it, and then support it with more content.

Back to our auto insurance example.  If you want to rank well for auto insurance agent in Billings, MT, you will want an exhaustive static page targeting exactly those keywords.  1,500 to 2,000 words talking about your “money” keyword phrase.  Then, when you’re blogging, support that static page with similar topics, like “insurance tips” and “Auto insurance deductibles” and the like.  This creates a firm foundation that Google can easily scan and see that you’re an expert on your local keywords.

No Time?  Hire a Writer in Billings, MT

Of course if you’re running an insurance agency, you want to focus on bringing in more clients, selling insurance, and growing relationships.  You don’t have time to write and maintain a website!  That’s where you want to outsource your weaknesses so that you can focus on your strengths.

Sery Content Development specializes in copywriting and content writing.  We can craft pages that help you get found online; pages that are fully search engine optimized and will help drive traffic to you.  Want to learn more about our SEO or writing services?  Get in touch by phone or email and let’s get coffee.

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