SEO Quick Tip – Understanding LSI

Latent Semantic Indexing Means Fluid Writing

We have previously talked about how you should write with a natural voice, and how it’s important to write with the reader in mind (instead of the search engines).  However, there may be some concern about how you get the appropriate keywords without sounding unnatural into your writing.  Here’s the thing: you don’t have to!

Latent Semantic Indexing

A few years ago, Google did a major algorithm overhaul.  It’s suspected that the algorithms change upwards of 300 times each year, but there’s a major change every couple of years.  Sometimes those changes throw a big wrench in an SEO’s work, other times it gets easier.  The change I’m talking about is how precise keywords are no longer needed, instead search engines use what is called Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI for short.

What is LSI?

Simply put, people don’t speak or write the same way that they search for information.  So if you’re looking for a copywriter in Billings, MT, you would type in “copywriter Billings” or some variation.  But if you try to plug that naturally into a sentence, it’s going to sound stuffed, no matter what you do.

To compensate for that discrepancy between the search and the actual writing, LSI categorizes the words and how they’re used in a sentence, and ranks them for that search.  So keyword phrases like “I’m a copywriter” and “I live in Billings, Montana” and “Copywriting is a skill that takes years to perfect” and  “Growing up in Billings, I never thought I would become a copywriter one day” and a bunch of other variations all serve the same purpose: to rank better for the choppy partial sentence search.

Sery Content Development Writes Copy

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