SEO Quick Tip – Use Better Alt Tags in Your Images

Using a Key Phrase Instead of a Keyword

Those who have a website likely know that they need to tag their images.  It’s just one of the little things that you can do in order to help boost your site’s overall SEO performance.  But too often that Alt Tag is just a simple keyword, or worse yet every image on the site uses the exact same wording.  There’s a better way.

Who can help with my site's SEO?

Using Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing, you can improve upon your keywords by changing up what you put in the alt tags.  For instance, if I want to be found online for “SEO in Billings, MT” I would be tempted to put that keyword string in my alt tags.  With multiple pictures on one page, I certainly could use those words, but a better option is to cater to what people are actually searching.  So instead, my alt tag may look something like “Who can help me with my site’s SEO” or “Best SEO company in Billings, MT”.

Those simple tweaks will still capture what you want to rank for, but they’ll provide a more exact match to what people are actually searching for.


Multiple Images Will do Better

A big block of text is boring.  So if you have a page with a bit longer content you should break it up with different images.  Using those that actually relate to your subject matter, you then have more opportunities to put variations of your alt tags throughout the content.  Pictures that actually help the reader are going to be more valuable, so strive for those that are going to be what the reader needs.  For instance, I took a screenshot below on how you add your tags when using WordPress; below it is if you don’t use WordPress but you can edit the HTML.

using alt tags for SEO

Sery Content Development Manages SEO

Here at Sery Content Development our main focus is copywriting.  However, most sites benefit from not only great copy, but also a search engine optimization focus.  The two can work together to raise you from far down on Google, to where you can get found online.  Get in touch to learn more.

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