SEO Quick Tip – Use Graphics to Improve Experience

Graphics Have Multiple Purposes

Have you ever clicked to a website that looks like it should have great information, only to discover it is written in a teensy font with no graphics?  It’s worse than reading a textbook!  A huge block of text is terribly hard to break apart, and ultimately the end user leaves because they feel they don’t have time for it.

Use Graphics to control the minds of your readers.

We solve that problem with graphics.  Ideally these pictures, videos, or illustrations will help to enhance the content, but sometimes they are simply there to break apart text and make it easier to digest.  The end result, however, is that you can use them to improve your SEO.

5 Ways Graphics Improve Your Content

Here’s the quick version of why you want graphics in your content.

  • A place for Alt tags. Google can’t see pictures, so your alt tags are how Google can “read” your picture.  It’s a place to plug keywords and help you get found.
  • Break up blocks of text. Nobody wants to read a huge block of text.  It’s difficult and boring.  A strategically placed picture breaks it apart.
  • Improve click-through-rate. Humans are visual creatures.  When you have strategic graphics, especially those that make difficult concepts easier to digest, your readers will click through and become clients more often.
  • Enhance your message. A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say.  So four pictures in your blog post is like writing 4,000 words?  Sounds good to me!
  • Memes are funnier when seen instead of described. See above with the thousands of words.

Sery Content Development Creates Content

Here at Sery Content Development, our goal is to help you get found online.  Usually our focus is on written content and written copy; but some of it incorporates visual content as well.

Ready to help take your business to the next level?  Get in touch and we can work out a plan to help you get found online.

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