SEO Quick Tip – Use the Best Title Tag Modifiers

Title Tag Modifiers Encourage Traffic

We all want to make sure that we show up at the top of searches.  But why are there those companies that always seem to outrank others?  What are they doing differently?  In part they have much more robust websites and online presences.  But they’re also creating titles that are much more likely to be searched for.  One way to do that is to use the right title tag modifiers.

The Best Title Tag Modifiers

We know what a modifier is; we use them every day.  For example, when you talk about your car you don’t just call it a 1997 Honda Civic.  You call it a totally awesome 1997 Honda Civic.  You don’t have a wife; you have a beautiful wife.  You don’t have a child, you have the best child.  These little modifying words give the description a much more powerful punch.

Title tag modifiers can do the same thing for the titles of the pages on your website.

How to Incorporate Title Tag Modifiers

There are different ways that you can use these modifiers.  For example, if you’re a roofing company in Billings, Montana, you could always create a page or a blog post called “The best roofing company in Billings, Montana.”  It’s a simple way to capture the exact string of words people are likely going to be typing in.  But that can get a little cheesy, and ultimately you can only use that once and then you have to move on.  So try to think of ways to use other modifiers, like the ones on this list:

  • Best
  • Powerful
  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Fastest
  • Awesome
  • Checklist
  • Reviews
  • Guide
  • Ultimate
  • The Current Year

Let’s suppose that you are a Realtor, and you’re trying to rank better and provide value.  Instead of “Pre-Sale Checklist” you make a post called “The Ultimate Pre-Sale Checklist for Selling in 2018.”  It’s the same thing, but it’s entirely different with the title tag modifiers grabbing those words that people are more likely to pay attention to.

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