SEO Quick Tip – Using Tags to Reinforce Your Topic

Your Content Should Support Itself

When you write content, you should be writing for the reader.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be focusing on your keywords as well.  When you write, there is a hierarchical structure that Google, and other search engines, look at.  It goes like this:  Title Tag, Heading Tags, Content.  Despite what anyone tells you, an H1 isn’t held in higher regard than an H2, but it those tags are looked at before the content is looked at.

This means that you have to support your tags in opposite order.

The content that you write, should reinforce the concept portrayed your heading tags.  Those heading tags, in turn, should reinforce or support your title tag.  The title will, obviously, be the first thing that is read (by people or by search engine crawlers).  Make it glaringly obvious what you are going to talk about, and then prop it up by using the appropriate methods.

content supports subheadings which support title tags in the SEO world

Let Sery Content Development Create that Support

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