Web Content

contentWhat Does Web Content Services Entail?

Nearly every time we talk with someone about the written content on their website, we are met with a blank stare. And understandably so; it’s a bit of jargon.

Written web content simply means any of the words that are written on your website.

These written words are essential for your search engine optimization (SEO).  They are what Google, and other search engines, will look at in order to identify what your website is all about.  The written content on your website will help your site come up higher in the search engine results, and ultimately bring more traffic (and more paying customers) to your page.

Sery Content Development Writes for Your Website

Here at Sery Content Development we understand how to create well written pages of content that are fully optimized for keywords specific to your business.  We will not only write pages that will target the customers that you want to target, but we will also create pages that are easy to read, and captivate your audience.

Those pages include:

  • Home Pages
  • About Us Pages
  • Our Services Pages
  • Our Staff Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • More

penThe Role of Written Content on Your Website

Without any words on your site, the search engines have nothing to pull from in order to rank you.  However, it doesn’t just stop with a few pages of content.

In order to be relevant in the eyes of a search engine, you must constantly be adding high quality, keyword optimized, pages to your site.  Most business owners don’t have time for this, so that is where we come in.  We will craft well written pages, search engine optimize them, and post them to your website.  The end result: you move toward that coveted #1 position on Google.

Contact us to find out how we will help with the content on your website.


We Provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Any time you put written content on your website the search engines will track those words and start to rank your site.  However, in order to move up the ranks faster, you need to tell the search engines what to look for.  That is where our search engine optimization (SEO) services come into play.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO, simply speaking, is using the right keywords, in the right way, in order to tell Google and other search engines what your site is all about.  But it’s a little more than just putting the words on the page.

When search engines are looking at your website, they are categorizing and rank a variety of aspects.  Each one “tells” the search engine what that page is all about, and overall what the site is all about.

Sery Content Development will go through all of the pages on your site, and make sure they are optimized properly.

There are a number of different factors that come into play when optimizing your website.  We will make sure everything has the strongest pull possible.

How We Optimize Your Siteoptimize

When optimizing your site, you will get more than a temporary bump in the search engine ranks.  It all starts with a consultation.

Our optimization services include:

  • Consultation on your existing site
  • Keyword research
  • Content editing
  • Meta data optimizing
  • Internal SEO and External SEO

We will not only make sure that your site looks good from the inside, but from the outside as well.  Our optimization services include providing high quality backlinks that will help, not hinder, your website’s overall performance.

Want to learn more?  Contact us to discuss your website and how we will get you ranked better online.

Social Media Managementsocial

We Take the Stress Out of Managing Social Media

Your online presence goes far beyond just your website.  In today’s world, you have to stay relevant with your clients.

Studies show that the average social media user spends 108 minutes per day on their various accounts.  In order to make the maximum impact on your clients, you need to be in front of them during those 108 minutes.

We Manage Social Media Accounts

Here at Sery Content Development, we manage your social media.  We understand what drives clicks, how to earn shares and likes, and how to post content that will have the maximum impact when your clients or customers see it on their newsfeeds.

Sery Content Development Manages:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter Feeds
  • LinkedIn Accounts
  • Google+ Pages
  • Instagram Accounts
  • Pinterest Boards
  • More

Using your existing social media accounts, or creating a new one, we can actively engage your customers.

networkWhy Use Social Media?

Customer Engagement – Most customers, or potential customers, do not want to pick up the phone to call.  Instead, they will get on social media and contact you that way.

Front of Mind – Studies have shown that you need to have your name in front of your customers at least once per month; otherwise they forget who you are.  Our social media management services keep you there throughout the day.

Branding – You have to show that you’re an expert in your industry.  Social media is a fantastic way to reach thousands, potentially millions, of people all at once.  A recognizable brand is a profitable brand.

Sales – Most sales won’t be a direct result of your social media campaign.  They flow indirectly.  For instance, client A sees your posts every day.  Potential client B asks client A if they know someone that provides your service.  Client A immediately thinks of you because they see your expertise daily.

Sery Content Development offers social media management services at competitive prices.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can take the stress of you by managing your pages.