Top 5 Topics People Want to Read About

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Creating high quality content is important; it’s one of the best SEO tips to get your site ranked highly on Google.  But content shouldn’t be written for the search engines, it should be written for the readers and to provide value to those who finally do click on your site.  The problem is that as writers, we will often write what interests us, and the things that we want to read about.  Those on the other side just scroll on past.

Content writing tips write things people want to read

If you want to draw people in, you need eye-catching headlines, you need high quality content, and you need to write what the people want to read!  Fortunately, there are trends that have been studied, and we don’t have to blindly guess what those topics are.

Here are the top five topics that people want to read about.


Answer the Reader’s Questions

Content marketing billings montanaYour readers have questions.  Or at least they should have questions!  As an expert in your industry your readers are out there thirsty for your knowledge; the problem is that you don’t know what they want to hear.  It’s tempting to sit back and wait for them to come to you, but it’s more effective to go to them.

I edit a couple of local magazines.  Inside the front cover I write a letter to the readers every month.  Every couple of months I write something along the lines of, “We want to hear from you!  What do you want to see in the magazine?  What topics should we cover?  Know anyone that would make for a great feature story?”  That magazine is distributed to thousands of people, and I can count on one hand how many times someone has gotten in touch with me.

When I took a proactive approach, and reached out to those who I know get the magazine and asked them directly, I had over a 90% response rate.  People have questions, ideas, and suggestions, but they won’t take the initiative to get in touch.  Reach out and find out those questions, and then write about them!


Your Opinion on Controversial Topics

People want to know what you think on controversial topics.  Here’s why: they want validation that their opinion is correct.  But they also want to get fired up when you hold a different opinion.  Thus, no matter if they agree, or they disagree, they will read what you have to say!

Controversy gets clicks.  The only problem is that you have to be able to back up your claims; otherwise you just come off as crazy.  In today’s world, we see a ton of un-founded claims.  Just look at the “Vaccines cause Autism” craze that has worked its way through the interwebs in the past decade.  There’s no foundation for these claims, but they’re controversial so they got a ton of attention.  Fortunately, people are now realizing that anyone can post anything online, that doesn’t make it true.

Back your opinion up to retain credibility, be open to discussion, and learn from your readers.


Personal Stories on Overcoming

SEO company in Billings MontanaWho doesn’t love a feel good story?  As a human you have trials that you have overcome, problems you have solved, and you have a wealth of knowledge.  The trick is to position it in such a way that your readers will want to click and learn from your mistakes (and the right moves that you have made).

Need some proof that stories on overcoming are popular?  Take a look at just about every Hollywood movie ever made.  They start with a character, they introduce a problem, they work through that problem, and eventually everyone lives happily ever after.  Your goal is to take that feature length movie, and make it into a bite size blog post.

Follow this basic outline: setup, introduce problem, show failures, and conclude with success.


How-To’s and Tutorials

You’re good at something.  In fact, you’re better than most people at something.  There are those that have an interest in what you’re good at, but they’re not sure where to get started.  A great way to drive interest is to show them how to get started!

Lists are the best way to do this.  But don’t forget to include plenty of pictures and screenshots, as well as videos.  Most people are visual learners, and if you want to capture the most interest, give the people what they want.

For instance, we recently posted 14 ways to improve your SEO.  It’s a quick how-to; you can incorporate one or all of the tips, and it’s beneficial to business owners that want to drive their sites up the SERPS.


Case Studies

Copywriter in BillingsYou have important information to share.  You have written tutorials and how-to’s.  But that doesn’t do anyone any good if it doesn’t work.  Your readers want to see what you offer in action.  They want to read about real stories, real people, and real results.  Don’t neglect these, they’re like your testimonials; people want to know what is working so they can make an informed decision.

Here at Sery Content Development, we specialize in content marketing.  But we also provide SEO services to those in Billings.  Before launching into this service, I tested it out with my personal website.  I committed to adding valuable content, and integrating many of those 14 tips linked to above.  I tracked my progress from page 7 on Google, to that top spot over the course of 6 weeks.  Doing so reinforced my belief in my service, and it provided a great case study that I can share with other people.


Write for Your Readers

Writing to get found on Google will only work if you write content that provides value to your readers.  But as the internet gets clogged up with more and more content, you have to take it a step further each time.  Write what will get read, write what people want to see, and write something inspirational.  Google’s algorithms change all the time and they become more sophisticated every day.  What worked a couple of years ago doesn’t work today.

Here’s what will never change with search engine optimization: high quality content that people want to read will be ranked near, or at, the top.

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