Top Easy Ways to Build Links for Your Blog

Today’s content comes to us as a guest post from Wendy Dessler.  She talks about what linkbuilding is, and some of the best practices on how to get your site out there.

Linkbuilding Techniques for 2019

Before September of 2005, the realm of link-building was a lawless, cut-throat, anything-goes environment. SEO companies would create all sorts of dummy websites with no real content. All that would be on these sites were thousands (or more) of links to external, client websites.

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Thankfully, Google (being Google) eventually caught on and introduced Jagger, which changed the very landscape of link building. Since the introduction of Jagger, link building has been a very controlled ranking factor. If you happen to use the so-called black hat techniques, your site may be penalized or blacklisted.

The good news is, you aren’t alone. You can use the tips and information here to learn how to make the most of link building and avoid breaking any rules. It’s also a good idea to find out more about advanced linking strategies to help you rank even higher. This link explains more about these strategies.

Do a Roundup Post of Quotes

Chances are, you have seen posts like this in the past. They are the ones that include quotes from many different experts on the same subject.

These are popular as end-of-the year posts, or any post that wants to provide many tips and insights in a single location. In most cases, influencers in the industry are usually willing to contribute to these because they can get a link back to their site, and the opportunity to show off their level of expertise on the subject being discussed.

This is beneficial for you because it means they are also more likely to share the post within their networks and to provide a link back to your site in future posts they publish on their own website.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posts are blogs you create for another person’s blog that is viewed as valuable by their audience. As long as the other blog is covering a topic that is relevant or related to your blog and your target audience, this is a great opportunity to reach all new people and to include a link (or more) back to your own blog.

There is a caveat – guest posting is a lot of work. You have to find the best pitch ideas, convince the blog owner to actually publish what you create, and then write an amazing post that is appealing to their followers. Also, this is all done for free.

However, if you create something great, and the blog is a good fit for the people you are working to reach, then you may gain new followers, as well as more traffic, along with the links going back to your blog.

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Accept Guest Posts

While this may sound counter-productive – think about it. If you allow people to guest post on their site, they are going to be much more likely to actually promote your blog.

Just like with the quote roundup posts mentioned above, this may not help you earn lots of new links right away. However, it is going to help you build new relationships with people who are going to be more likely to promote your blog and to link back to the posts you create over time.

If you want to find success with link building, then be sure to use the tips and strategies found here. They will pay off in the long run.

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