Wednesday Roundup: Building Relationships with Influencers

Relationships are Essential in Today’s Online World

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There’s an old adage that says, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  Sometimes we scoff at it saying that you have to know something otherwise it doesn’t matter who you know!  Other times we embrace it and realize that all the knowledge in the world doesn’t really get us anywhere if we don’t have good connections.  In the online world, it is becoming more and more apparent that you need to have great relationships with people in order to truly be heard.

Build Relationships with Influencers

If you pay attention to the world of digital marketing, blogging, and social media, you will hear the term influencer thrown around.  These are the people that have worked hard to build up a reputation (and the followers that go with that reputation) that shows that they know what they are talking about.  These people can influence others with their comments, blogs, and tweets.  Building a relationship with the influencers is the best way to learn how to become one yourself.

Let’s see what the experts and the influencers say about growing your online relationships.


How to Approach an Influencer

approach-influencersRecently Kia Barocha sent me an email with some links to content that she has had a hand in producing (seriously, I love it when people reach out and send me links to their stuff!).  I scrolled through them and one article caught my eye in particular.  It was what developed the idea for today’s topic on influencers.

The idea is that nearly every brand (except the big ones) needs to cultivate relationships with influencers.  But how do you do that?  First, you take a look at what Aron Allen has written.  In his post, which is all about the powerful approaches to influencer marketing, goes into some detail on how to get in front of the influencer.  Now the article isn’t exactly about approaching the influencer (but rather how to approach influencer marketing), but if you read between the lines there are a ton of great takeaways.

Find 2 that you like, and work hard at employing them.  Your business and website will do wonderfully because of it!


How to Build an Influencer Relationship

buildBeing able to approach the influencers and attract their attention is one thing.  Now comes the hard part: building that relationship.  The problem is that you can be seen as a bit of a leech.  You are seen as though you are hitting them up so you can prosper, but what are you offering in return?  Just like any relationship you have offline, if it’s too one-sided, it’s not going to work.

Melissa Gosse from Can I Rank? recently sat down with one of the big names in Twitter: Sam Hurley.  Actually, I don’t know if they sat down at all.  Maybe it was all over email.  Regardless, the point of her interview was to learn about influencers, and to gain some insight on how to build a relationship with an influencer.  While they do dive into a bit more “heavy” stuff regarding analytics and other SEO mumbo jumbo, they do spend some time on the relationship aspect.  If you have yet to look into Sam, I highly recommend doing so; he’s a great resource for those interested in the online world.


How to Grow with an Influencer

growthThere’s a Friends episode where they talk about doing things for other people.  The basic premise is that one of the friends believes that everything has selfish motivation; another believes there can be truly selfless acts.  The idea is that suppose I donate $100 to charity, the reason I do it is because I get a feeling of satisfaction from doing a good deed and the benefit to those in need is only secondary.  It’s actually a great philosophical topic worth exploring and considering.  Now back to the topic at hand: what do you gain from connecting with an influencer and building a relationship with them?

Being connected with the influencer is going to do more than give you a feeling of satisfaction that you know someone famous.  It’s going to help your brand and your site as well.  When an influencer links to your blog, it’s a high quality backlink.  When they give you a shoutout, it’s like getting a referral from people with a lot of followers that will go check you out.  There’s more to it, so read how your connections with an influencer can benefit your SEO.  Brandon Leibowitz from SEO Optimizers knows his stuff.


We Love Our Online Friends

Over the past few years, as Sery Content Development has developed more of an online reach, we have virtually met quite a few great people.  Each one plays an important role in developing our online presence, and we want to thank all of them for helping us to grow.  If you’ve sent me content, tweeted to me, retweeted me, or helped us, just know that you are appreciated!

For those looking for help, we are a content marketing company based in Billings, Montana.  We do web design, SEO, content writing, and social media marketing.  Call us at 406-860-4407 if you want to learn more!

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