Wednesday Roundup: Creating the Best Website

Is Your Website up to Snuff?

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Even if most of your advertising is done in print, radio, or television, you still need to have a website.  But just slapping up a cheap site so that you “have a web presence” isn’t going to benefit you as much as you may think.  Your potential clients and prospects will see your site and think you either don’t care, or you’re out of business because you haven’t modified your site since 1997.

So how do you make sure that you create a site that is going to benefit those that visit?  You have to have a site that’s designed by a professional (not your neighbor’s kid that “knows websites”), and you have to make sure you pay attention to the look and feel of the site.


7 Tips for User Experience

When you are building a website, you have a lot of dreams about what the user will do on your site.  You imagine they will be clicking through your history, reading all about the company, visiting your blog page, and ultimately buying your service or product because they’re so impressed with what you have to say.  In reality, it’s never like that.

Think about when you visit a site.  The first thing you think is: what’s in it for me?  When designing your site, think about “what’s in it for the client?”  This will be your starting point.  Then take a look at Gayane Melkonyan’s article on Web Shutter.  She has listed out 7 tips for those running a telecom website, but they can relate to your site too.  Pay attention to the first tip.  It’s important.


16 Landing Page Tips

You have a website, you have a social media presence, and now you want to promote yourself to those online.  You think it’s as easy and just spreading the word right?  Sort of.  Getting your name out there is half the battle; branding yourself lets people know that you are in business and they can recognize you when the time comes.  But there’s more to it than just branding and spreading information about your site.

You have to design pages for people to land on.  Coincidentally, these are called landing pages.  You hook the potential client on social media, and you bring him or her back to your website… and now what?  Hopefully you have put some thought into it!  Or at least you have read Mark Walker-Ford’s write up that gives us 16 landing page tips.  Notice: your homepage is not a landing page!  If you want to convert traffic into paying customers, you need to pay attention to your landing pages.


Do it Right the First Time

Here in Billings, we have a few web design companies that know what they’re doing.  When you’re investing money into your website, you want to use a company that can make sure the entire site is set up correctly so that you won’t have problems down the road.  Using your neighbor’s kid that “knows websites” likely won’t get you a site that has the infrastructure necessary for future updates.

Recently Eric, over at Zee Creative, sent me an email.  I attended one of his seminars through the Chamber of Commerce, and he had seen a recent Wednesday Roundup.  Zee Creative is one of the companies in Billings that knows that they’re doing, and they want to share that knowledge with you.  Take a look at this article about having a WordPress site built by the wrong person.  Does the kid next door know about site security?


Sery Content Development Can Help

You have once again wasted a perfectly good 17.5 minutes reading this week’s Wednesday Roundup.  And now you’re left wondering what to do with your landing pages, and about us pages, and blog pages.  Never fear, you don’t have to worry about those.  That’s exactly why we are in business.

Sery Content Development specializes in creating content that can help you land more clients, pull in more customers, and grow your business.  You worry about having more business, we worry about the words.  Give Scott a call at 406-860-4407 for more details.

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