Wednesday Roundup: You Should be Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Can Help Your SEO Tremendously

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There are some parts of search engine optimization that you can control, and some parts that are out of your hands.  For instance, you can control the quantity, and the quality, of the content that you put on your site.  Generally speaking more content is better (as long as it is high quality and not spammy).  There are other parts of the SEO process that you can’t control  For instance, the age of your website is largely out of your hands (unless you have a time machine, in which case we should talk).

Wednesday Roundup Guest Blogging

A big part of optimizing your site is having plenty of links back to it.  These backlinks are like little recommendations, the more you have the more highly favored you will be on the search engines.  Backlinks fall into a middle ground, you can sort of control them, but you sort of cannot.  If you’re looking for a great source of backlinks, then it may be time to start guest blogging.

Let’s take a look at what the experts have to say about guest blogging.


Does Guest Blogging Still Work?

does guest blogging still workBack in 2014 Matt Cutts posted a blog about how guest blogging was dead.  His conclusion came because there are so many irrelevant bloggers vying for backlinks.  Now I don’t mean that their blogs suck (although many of them do) and it’s not that their writing sucks (much of it does), but rather they want to post a guest blog on a site that isn’t relevant to their own.  For instance, let’s suppose a blog that’s all about cats wants to do a guest blog for Sery Content Development.  That’s great, cats are funny, but it’s not going to help either of us.

Now don’t worry.  At the beginning of 2016 Dennis Seymour took a good hard look at guest blogging (or guest posting as some call it).  The conclusion: as long as you’re careful and don’t just host any old rubbish (or contact any old rubbish site to host your content), then guest posting is certainly still a viable option for helping with your SEO.  Take a look at his post about guest posting, it’s informative and gives good graphs showing the hard numbers.


What Guest Blogging Can do for You

SEO in Billings MTThere are two sides to the guest blogging coin.  On the one side, you are the host.  You can fill up your website with keyword rich content that you didn’t write, and you didn’t pay anyone to write.  On the other side, you are the blogger.  You get backlinks, traffic, visibility, and more.

It goes beyond just those backlinks!  Sure, a big reason to write a guest blog is to get a fat juicy link from a well established and high authority site.  But Louis Gudema has looked a little deeper at it.  Did you know that how many +1’s your page has is a factor on ranking?  Did you know that guest blogging in the right places can increase social shares?  It’s all part of an intricate web that starts with your commitment to write a few blogs for free.  Read Louis’ post and see how you can increase your site’s SEO with a couple of guest blogs.


The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Guest bloggingThat’s great, guest blogging is a good tool.  But what about those of us that don’t have a clue where to start?  I can tend to write about why something is important, and forget the concept of how to do it (For instance, I talk about how content is important, but then took months to tell you how to write good content).

Fortunately, there are people like Kristi Hines.  Kristi has taken the time to create the Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging.  It walks you through the why, the how, the where… basically her post will give you everything you need, it just won’t do it for you.  Seriously, if you’re ready to get found online, then you need to read Kristi’s work over on Kissmetrics.


Sery Content Development Hosts Guest Blogs

We are always looking to connect with more people that are interested in what we are interested in!  Are you a blogger, internet marketer, content creator, or just love the world of SEO?  Then send me an email!  I would love to host your material and give you a link back to your website.

In today’s digital marketing world, it’s less about pumping out a ton of great content, and more about building relationships with others online.  Let’s connect!  Call me at 406-860-4407 if you want to learn more about guest blogging, Wednesday Roundup, or our content marketing services.

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