Wednesday Roundup: How important is Content?

Content is King… But Why?

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We all know the basic importance of content.  Without words on your website, Google would have no way of knowing what your site is all about.  Without words, Google would see nothing but a blank page, and you would only have your URL to help you rank.  Naturally, content is what provides those words for the search engines to grab onto, and when it is effectively search engine optimized, those search engines know which words to pay attention to.

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But what makes content king?  And is it enough to simply slap up a bunch of content and hope that people will start to visit, share, connect, and ultimately buy from you?  Chances are putting up content isn’t actually helping your site as much as you think it is.


Keeping up with the Times

When you’re writing content, do you pay attention to trends?  If not, you’re missing out on some serious traffic!  Not all of your content has to follow the current trends, there are some great evergreen topics no matter what industry you are in.  But if you can hop on the trend bandwagon, you will end up ranking a lot better.  For instance, I used to have a account.  One day I logged on and they had gone dark.  I did a quick Google search and nothing came up on the subject.  So I quickly created this piece about closing down.  It now ranks near the top of Google searches; mostly because it was highly relevant without much competition.

So relevant news, especially if you can be one of the first to write about the subject, will help you shoot to the top of the rankings.  But what if you’re not the first?  Or 10th?  Or 100th to write about the topic?  Don’t worry about it!  Your target audience isn’t every single person that uses Google, your target audience are the customers most likely to use your service or product.  Relevant content keeps them focused on you, and establishes you as an authority.  Learn more about it from this excellent post on Matizmo.


It Needs to be on Target

In the world of marketing, we hear a lot about targeting.  On the surface, it’s easy to understand.  You want to target certain people that are more likely to become customers.  Now how do you do that?  How do you even define them?  Here at Sery Content Development, we use Facebook to get in front of the people that our clients want to reach.  But we still have to put the right content in front of them.

Targeting your content is the first step, then pushing it to the right places so that your audience can read it is second.  But how do you create content that is targeted so that your customers, prospects, clients, and others will want to read it?  Tracey Sandilands has written about that.  But pay attention the fifth of her 5 tips for developing targeted content; your goal is to charge whatever you want, and people are happy to pay it.


Your Content Ecosystem

Recently Ryan, over at Copypress, emailed the infographic below and a description.  Take it away Ryan.

You probably know what an ecosystem is, but do you know what a content ecosystem is? It is very similar to a natural ecosystem. In a typical ecosystem, you have a group of organisms that works together to function by supplying each other with food, homes, and more. With a content ecosystem, web content links to enriching content, which links to more content. Every piece of content is dependent on the other and supports the other content so that all of it can flourish among the internet.

Think about all the articles you’ve read on the internet: each piece has drawn you in for a particular reason. Now take a look at its links placed within that content, and notice that each link also contains information that not only enhanced the content you just read, but it also embraced a different topic that could be of interest to someone else. It is this kind of content that forms a content ecosystem, and this kind of content is incredibly important to your marketing success.

Professionals predict that content ecosystem trend is only going to grow. But, good content is not the only thing you need to have a strong content ecosystem. You have to monitor it, build your content, and change with trends; and to do all that, you have to understand every part of your content ecosystem, including the marketing agencies, your company employees, and other content providers. There is a lot to know, however; check out this excellent summary of the current content ecosystem, and learn everything you need to know about the current state of content ecosystems.


Sery Content Development can Help with Content

Once again you have wasted a perfectly good 22 minutes reading this week’s Wednesday Roundup.  But it was all worthwhile because there’s an infographic!  Everyone loves infographics.

Are you writing targeted, relevant content?  Are you connecting with your audience?  If you’re struggling, then keep in touch, we offer tips and instruction all the time.  Of course, if you want us to create for you, we are always happy to do so.

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