Wednesday Roundup: Improve Your Conversion Rate

Traffic Means little if they don’t Convert

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You want more traffic to your website.  But you also want that traffic to convert into paying customers.  Too often people look at their numbers and think they’re getting plenty of traffic, only to have very few of those visitors become clients.  There are many reasons visitors don’t convert to customers, one of the biggest is that they’re simply kicking the tires, you lured in the wrong ones.

Convert more traffic into paying customers

So how do you change that?  How do you make it so that people who visit your site are ready to buy, and how do you lead them down that funnel so they hit the “Buy Now” button at the end?  Unfortunately there isn’t one method that will work every time.  You have to set it up properly, and test what works best for your business.


Know what not to do

Billings SEOAs with any sales process, whether it’s online or in person, there is a long list of what not to do.  Even the most seasoned salesperson will fall into some of these traps.  The problem is that you know your business inside and out, and you know that the prospect will benefit.  But you have to convey the information succinctly so that they’re not lost at the end of the sales process.

Neil Patel has given us a list of the 7 most common sales mistakes.  While most of these are written to apply to those sitting in front of their prospect, they can certainly apply to your sales funnel as well.  For example, giving away too much information is a problem in person, and even worse in written form.  People don’t want to read a novel before you get to the details.


Examine your prospects behavior

Content Marketing in BillingsUnderstanding people is imperative to any sales job.  For example, do you know the four personality types?  Do you know how to change your sales language for each one?  That’s a little harder to do online, but it’s not impossible.  It requires building landing pages that are marketed to different people with different demographics.  The problem is, how do you find them?

Ryan, over at CopyPress sent me their latest infographic recently (it’s posted below).  She also wrote an introduction.  Take it away Ryan:

Learn to Use Behavior Analysis to Improve Marketing ROI

Converting website visitors into paying customers takes a lot of work. Many companies struggle to understand why they can’t get more people to buy their products and services. The fact of the matter is that the average e-commerce site has a bounce rate close to 60 percent. If you want to do better than that, then you will need to make data work for you.

Data analysis can tell you a lot about how people respond to your content. When you know what data points to look at, you can determine which pieces of content encourage people to buy more products. You can also experiment with different headlines, CTAs, and images to see which combination converts the most visitors. Data doesn’t do all of the work for you, but it can point you in the right direction. Once you know how your content performs, you can craft campaigns that push your numbers in the right direction.

Learn more about using data to improve marketing campaigns by looking at CopyPress’s Behavior Analysis infographic. This valuable content marketing resource covers important topics such as how to discover popular trends and topics, setting performance and return goals, and using Google Analytics. Once you know more about how data plays a role in marketing, you can evaluate the short-term and long-term values of your next campaign.


Employ these tips

Facebook Marketing in BillingsYou can know what not to do, and you can understand how to target your clients based on their behavior, but a bad landing page is still going to result in a high bounce rate (that’s people that visit, and then leave without converting).  If you don’t capture their interest, they won’t convert; even if they need your product or service.

Fortunately, this is the easy part.  You can test it and discover what works the best.  To make it even easier, Jayson Demers has listed out what we should be paying attention to.  For example, adding a guarantee takes away the risk and can help convert those on the fence (i.e. If our product isn’t for you, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee).  There are 39 tips in his article, you can employ at least one today.


Convert More and Enjoy Success

Once again you have wasted 22 perfectly good minutes reading this week’s Wednesday Roundup.  Ideally you will not be converting a greater percentage of your traffic (you are measuring and tracking your CTA’s right?) so maybe it wasn’t a complete waste.

Struggling with the content for your landing pages?  We can help!  Get in touch by sending Scott an email.

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