Wednesday Roundup: Improve Your Brainpower

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Improve your Brainpower and Get More Done

About a year ago, Virgin Mobile had a commercial out there that had the catch phrase “Retrain your Brain.”  The commercial wasn’t bad, and the phrase was catchy.  But what I really got out of it was that the brain isn’t static.  You can grow, learn, and improve your mental capacity and ability to think.

Wednesday Roundup Improve Your Brainpower

Want to get more done in the day?  Want to solve problems faster?  Want to be more creative?  Then this Wednesday Roundup is for you!  You can learn how to improve your brainpower and all your wildest dreams will come true.  That is, of course, if your wildest dreams are to be a better problem solver.


Eat Those Brain foods

SEO in BillingsBefore you get started in increasing your brain power, you have to make sure that you have the right diet.  Just like you wouldn’t try to become a body builder, but skimp on the protein, you don’t want to try to increase your brainpower, but skimp on the brain food.

Fortunately those brain foods don’t have to be disgusting.  In fact, some of the best foods out there are brain foods (thank you dark chocolate for being delicious and healthy).  A simple Google search will bring up dozens of pages on what to eat.  Or you can skip right to Chris Bailey’s list of 9 brain foods.  If you read the whole thing it should take under 5 minutes.  If you skim just the foods, then it will take 30 seconds.

Don’t just skim though.  Incorporate these into your diet.


Exercise Your Mind

Social Media ManagementHow many of us look in the mirror and say, “I wish I was more toned” or “I wish I had bigger muscles.”  And then walk away with no plan to ever actually work out?  A lot of people do, but they should be happy with the results they get: no workout and no muscle growth.  The same concept can be said about the brain.

How do you expect to improve your brainpower if you consistently skip your brain exercises?  It’s pretty simple to do some bicep curls and see growth in your bicep, but how does one actually exercise the brain?  Travis Bradberry has the answer for us.  It turns out that the problem solving area of the brain is called the anterior cingulated cortex.  And exercising it isn’t as difficult as it may seem.  Your key takeaway here: if you can’t find the time to exercise your brain, you need to adjust your priorities.


Productivity Books that Work

Customized targeted marketingI am a reader.  Anytime I can find a list of books, I’m happy for it.  Some of them don’t appeal, but reviews are what make it easier to choose the right book.

R.W. recently emailed me after reading one of my Wednesday Roundup posts.  I liked the idea since I’ve written on productivity in the past, and a post with a list of books that can enhance that was perfect.  Take a look at the 20 Best Productivity Books.


Learning, Supplements, and More

About a year ago I discovered that if I spend the hour before bed reading instead of watching TV, I tend to sleep better, and the next day is a bit more productive.  But I take it a step further.  After watching the TV show Limitless (hey, I still watch SOME TV!) I wanted to make my own Limitless pill.  What I came up with is pretty good and seems to help a little, hit that link if you want to see what I did.

In the meantime, I hope reading through the Wednesday Roundups has been beneficial to you.  If nothing else, it is helping to stimulate your brain.

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