Wednesday Roundup: Increase Productivity, Stay Focused

Improve your Organization, Productivity, and Stay Focused

One of my weaknesses is organization. I have it all down pretty nicely in my mind, but if anyone else tried to take over my processes, it wouldn’t be pretty. It doesn’t cause too many issues, but there are some serious detriments to a lack of organization. The biggest is that you can stay focused when you aren’t organized. Your productivity drops, your attention is constantly being called elsewhere, and you wear yourself out a lot faster than necessary.

Wednesday Roundup Productivity

The other day I received an email from Carmen Jacob. She referred me to a post she had written on staying focused. It got my gears turning for this edition of Wednesday Roundup.


Staying Focused

Living in a modern world, there are a ton of things that demand our attention. Every one of them takes away from the focus we need to be truly productive. Without staying focused, our productivity wanes.

Productivity TipsCarmen wrote a long post on how to stay focused. She walks you through 21 points on how to change your workday to have a more narrowly focused goal. It’s a good read that I need to go back through and determine which areas of my professional life need enhanced (for example, number 6 talks about peak productivity hours. I know that I do best between 7:00AM and Noon. And I’m my worst after 5:00PM. I can skip that section).

If you need an in-depth review of what must be changed to be focused, read Carmen’s post!


The Productivity Lists

If you start researching how to be productive, you will find list after list of what to do and how to do it. Most will tell you that you should get as much done in the morning as possible. But some aren’t morning people and they do better at night; does that mean they will never be productive?

You will see that my Wednesday Roundups refer to many of the same people over and over. The reason is that they have proven themselves to write great content (and they are highly visible online). Sujan Patel is one of those people.

Last year Sujan published 30 quick tips on productivity over on Inc.com. I love this list for a couple of reasons. First, it doesn’t tell you what you should be doing, but rather that you need to discover it (for example, number 3 talks of peak levels. It doesn’t claim that everyone is better in the morning, but you should discover when your best time is). I also love this list because it’s quick, I can skim past the things that don’t work for me (or I have mastered) and focus on those where I need to train.


Stay Organized, Manage Time, Focus

There are hundreds, nay, thousands of articles online on how to be productive and stay focused. So many that my mind literally exploded. Literally. So I decided to take a little bit of a different route for this roundup. I’m going to refer to the best expert I know: myself.

Online Marketing TipsI have written about productivity, organization, and time management quite a few times in the past. I still need work, so I still research it, and make sure that I am constantly pressing forward.

Back in December, 2014 I posted on my personal blog 5 tips on staying organized. These are things that I have found to help me, and things that others will likely find too. They boil down to: get rid of the clutter, schedule everything.

Earlier that year I posted on One Smart Dollar a similar list. But there were a few different nuances. One was eliminate, delegate, simplify and the other was the Power Hour. Both work fantastically well, and are important for everyone to check out. It’s a quick read, so check it out.


Sery Content Development Helps

Here at Sery Content Development, we have one goal: to make your life easier. Writing content takes a ton of time, and when you don’t do it you have a nagging tug at the back of your mind saying, “Write that blog post!” We are here to say, don’t write that blog post. We will write it for you! Remove the distraction, and watch your productivity increase.

As always, if you have a post that you think would be a great fit for an upcoming Wednesday Roundup, feel free to email me! I love getting feedback, and I love reading what other people have learned along their journey.

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