Wednesday Roundup: How to Increase Traffic by 1,000%

Get More Readers with a Simple Tweak

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You have an important message to share with others.  So you post about it on your website.  You want people to read it, you know people will benefit from it, and you promote the heck out of it on social media, via email, and other methods.  But there’s nothing but crickets.  Your analytics show that thousands of people see it, but very few click on it.  More clicks is as easy as a few tweaks.

How to get more traffic to your site

Now we aren’t advocating click-bait here (although it persists because it works).  What we are advocating is giving your readers a compelling reason to click the headline so that they read the words that you have expertly crafted; words that will help them grow.

This is how it’s done.


Be Controversial

Create controversy to get more clicksThere are plenty of websites out there that offer rude jokes, gross pictures, and overtly racist material.  Don’t be like them.  Sure you will get plenty of traffic to your site, but you’re not going to get the traffic that you want, and you’re ultimately going to set yourself up for some seriously negative repercussions and a damaged reputation.

Instead, be controversial in the sense that you take a stand.  Don’t try to pander to everyone, instead tell it how it is (and give facts to back it up).  Take a look at Susannah Breslin’s post.  She discusses three ways that you can drive more traffic to your site without resorting to clickbait.  You’ll never guess what #3 is!


Imagine a World of Color

Human psychology drives more clicksColors have a huge influence on people.  It’s the very reason that green is associated with the environment, blue is associated with fresh, and red is associated with anger.  Sometimes people like color schemes, but when using them, they subconsciously turn off a big portion of their audience.  You can use this to your advantage.

When you’re creating your content, think about the image you want to portray.  Are you writing something controversial and you need colors like red and black?  Are you writing something endearing and you need yellows, pinks, and greens?  Wishpond has a great series on writing Facebook ads that get responses.  They go in depth on colors and how you can use colors to your advantage based on the desired outcome of your content.  Take a look and see why colors are holding you back (or pushing you forward).


Infographic on Creating the Perfect Headlines

Infographic on creating outstanding headlinesWe love infographics.  Who doesn’t?  All that information packaged nicely into an easily scrolled picture.  The best lead from one concept to the next and help you to understand things a little better.  For example, you want to know how to create better headlines so that you can earn more clicks to your website.  Too many posts are just too long; you need the quick and dirty!

Fortunately for you, dear reader, Sarah from Starting a Blog Online emailed me the infographic you want.  It gives you the basics, the easiest, quickest, dirtiest tips on how to get more clicks to your website!  Scroll down past the outro (that’s the opposite of an intro, right?) to see it.


Get More Clicks, Earn More Money

Once again you’ve wasted a perfectly good 22 minutes reading the latest Wednesday Roundup.  But now you know that your headlines suck and that’s the biggest reason that you’re not getting clicks!  Of course if you didn’t read last week’s Wednesday Roundup, getting more clicks isn’t going to do much if you can’t convert those readers into paying customers.

Getting people to your site is important, converting them is also important, and maintaining that relationship is too.  Be a resource to your readers, and you get clients for life.

Create better headlines

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