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Get FOUND Online

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Here at Sery Content Development, we help businesses get found online.  Often, however, businesses would prefer to do the work themselves.  And that’s perfectly fine!  In fact, a better educated clientele means our work is easier.  To get them there, we do offer training and consulting services.  For those who have more time than money we offer a wealth of information on our site, all for free.

Improve your visibility online

Part of understanding how to get found online, is understanding what some of the terms mean, and different methods to do so.  The internet is becoming a crowded place, you need to rise above that noise improving your visibility online!  Ryan, over at Copypress, sent a nice infographic on how you can do that; accompanied by their introduction.

Take it away Ryan.


How to Increase Visibility Online and Improve SEO

Content Writing Services in BillingsSearch engine optimization: a term many have heard, but few understand. SEO strategies have become both commonplace and essential, and those who make no effort to optimize their site’s content for search engines have fallen into the minority. If you want your business to survive — let alone thrive — in today’s market, you need to understand SEO principles and take steps to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

SEO belongs to the realm of content marketing, which can involve creating and sharing online content designed to attract customers. Content marketing is not blatant advertising. Rather, it is a more nuanced, natural way to promote your product and business. In order to be successful, content marketing must be relevant to your business and valuable to potential customers. Your target audience must be well-defined, and the voice must be consistent with your brand identity. With so much to consider, you may find that you need a little help from industry professionals who specialize in content marketing.

Writer in BillingsFortunately, you can find a wealth of information available for free online. Start by exploring the infographic below, which highlights a few ways to increase visibility and improve SEO. You can also download the full whitepaper on How to Build and Sculpt a Link Profile by CopyPress.

As you’re reading through these resources, try to develop your own strategies to implement on your website. SEO is not a one-size-fits-all approach, you will need to customize the tactics for your specific needs.

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