Wednesday Roundup: Marketing Tips for the Non-Marketer

We All Need More Marketing Tips

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For most people the term “Marketing” brings up a lot of blank stares.  On the one hand it encompasses so much that many don’t know where to start.  On the other hand, it feels so ethereal, because much of it deals with abstract concepts and theoretical ideas… and our eyes simply glaze over.  If you’re a small business owner, a manager, or a professional, don’t worry about the term “marketing”!  It’s not as hard as it sounds, and it’s all about finding what works to get your name out there.

Marketing tips for the non marketer

This week we have rounded up the experts that share with us the best marketing tips.  As you read through their suggestions, pay attention to common themes: if a lot of people say it, then it’s probably a good suggestion.


Discover Why Some Things Work

Facebook marketing in BillingsYou know your business.  You know all the details, how things work, and why everyone in your target market should work with you.  But most people don’t know about your products and services.  Most people don’t want to know about them either.  If I sat down with a prospect and started talking about KPI’s, the finer details of SEO, and how we can target different demographic groups in our Facebook ads, they would glaze over.

But that’s precisely what companies do!  They try to tout the perks of their product, and how its technical features are better than anything else out there.  In reality, the customer cares about one thing: what’s in it for me?  Matthew Stibbe captures this concept eloquently (along with some other great points).  He relays 6 marketing tips that the non-marketer should pay attention to.  Here’s a hint: focus on the customer, not yourself.


Dig Deep to Know What Things Work

SEO Billings MontanaWe can determine why some things work as opposed to others based on how they relate to the customer.  Customers want something from you, they don’t really care about all the details.  But determining what things work, especially if you are trying a lot of different things at once, takes a little more time.  It takes tracking and analyzing; something that many people don’t really want to do.

But if we look at our data, we can see exactly what is working and what is not working.  If you’re marketing on Facebook, you have it easy: those numbers are all provided for you through the Facebook insights.  But as Erica Pyatt lays out in her article, it’s more than just the numbers.  In fact, there’s an entire section dedicated to creating good contentWhere have we seen that before?  Take a look at the 3 quick and dirty tips that you MUST pay attention to so you don’t go under.


The Big List of Things that Work

Marketing in Billings MontanaOur first two tips showed us why and help us determine what, but now we need ideas.  If your business is to create whatsits and thingamajigs, you probably have some amazing ideas about your product.  But then when it comes to how to show off your whatsits and thingamajigs, you’re probably stuck at the usual: trade shows, direct mail, web site, Facebook marketing, and a handful of others.  That’s ok, that’s why we found the big list of marketing tips: ideas to get the ball rolling.

Many of these aren’t going to apply to you.  For example, most people are not going to need to buy an ad that’s plastered on a billboard.  It’s a great branding tool, but it’s not exactly going to help the majority of small businesses.  But Alyssa Gregory included them because they do work if they fit your business.  A quick scan through the list of 101 Small Business Marketing Ideas should get you at least a dozen ideas that you can start to employ today (many of them are free too!).


Get Found Online

Once again you’ve wasted a perfectly good 22 minutes reading this week’s Wednesday Roundup.   Here at Sery Content Development, we want every small business to have a strong online presence.  We focus on the digital aspects of marketing, but that’s just one piece of the pie.

Hopefully you gained a few insights into why some marketing works better than others, and you gathered some ideas on what you can do going forward.  If not, scroll down for a picture of a puppy so you didn’t waste your click.

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